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Carry On Cowboy

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Director  Gerald Thomas
Film series  Carry On
Country  United Kingdom
6.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Western
Budget  195,000 GBP
Language  English
Carry On Cowboy movie poster

Writer  Talbot Rothwell (screenplay)
Release date  November 1965
Cast  Sid James (Johnny Finger, the Rumpo Kid), Jim Dale (Marshal P. Knutt), Angela Douglas (Annie Oakley), Kenneth Williams (Judge Burke), Charles Hawtrey (Chief Big Heap), Joan Sims (Belle Armitage)
Similar movies  Live Free or Die Hard, Charlie Wilson's War, Thank You for Smoking, Being There, Independence Day, Eagle Eye
Tagline  How the west was lost!

Carry On Cowboy is the eleventh in the series of Carry On films to be made. It was released in 1965, and was the first film to feature series regulars Peter Butterworth and Bernard Bresslaw. Series regulars Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Jim Dale, Charles Hawtrey and Joan Sims all feature, and Angela Douglas makes the first of her four appearances in the series.


Carry On Cowboy movie scenes

Carry on cowboy hilarious scenes


Carry On Cowboy movie scenes

Outlaw Johnny Finger, better known as The Rumpo Kid (Sid James), rides into the frontier town of Stodge City, and immediately guns down three complete strangers, orders alcohol at the saloon—horrifying Judge Burke (Kenneth Williams), the teetotal Mayor of Stodge City—and kills the town's sheriff, Albert Earp (Jon Pertwee). Rumpo then takes over the saloon, courting its former owner, the sharp-shooting Belle (Joan Sims), and turns the town into a base for thieves and cattle-rustlers.

Carry On Cowboy movie scenes

In Washington DC, Englishman Marshal P. Knutt (Jim Dale), a "sanitation engineer first class", arrives in America in the hope of revolutionising the American sewerage system. He accidentally walks into the office of the Commissioner, thinking it to be the Public Works Department, and is mistaken for a US Peace Marshal, and is promptly sent out to Stodge City.

Carry On Cowboy movie scenes

The Rumpo Kid hears of the new Marshal, and tries all he can to kill the Marshal without being caught, including sending out a pack of Indians, led by their Chief Big Heap (Charles Hawtrey) and hanging the Marshal after framing him for cattle rustling. Knutt is saved by the prowess of Annie Oakley (Angela Douglas), who has arrived in Stodge to avenge Earp's death and has taken a liking to Knutt.

Carry On Cowboy movie scenes

Eventually, Knutt runs Rumpo out of town, but once Rumpo discovers that Knutt really is a sanitary engineer and not the Peace Marshal he once thought, he swears revenge, returning to Stodge City for a showdown at high noon. By hiding in the sewers beneath the main street, Knutt kills off Rumpo's gang, but fails to capture Rumpo, who escapes with the aid of Belle.


Carry On Cowboy movie scenes

Carry on Cowboy was the first film in the series to have a sung main titles theme. Douglas has a nightclub scene in which she sings "This is the Night for Love".


Carry On Cowboy movie scenes

  • Screenplay – Talbot Rothwell
  • Music – Eric Rogers
  • Songs – Eric Rogers & Alan Rogers
  • Associate Producer – Frank Bevis
  • Art Director – Bert Davey
  • Editor – Rod Keys
  • Director of Photography – Alan Hume
  • Camera Operator – Godfrey Godar
  • Assistant Director – Peter Bolton
  • Unit Manager – Ron Jackson
  • Make-up – Geoffrey Rodway
  • Sound Editor – Jim Groom
  • Sound Recordists – Robert T MacPhee & Ken Barker
  • Hairdressing – Stella Rivers
  • Costume Designer – Cynthia Tingey
  • Assistant Editor – Jack Gardner
  • Horse Master – Jeremy Taylor
  • Continuity – Gladys Goldsmith
  • Producer – Peter Rogers
  • Director – Gerald Thomas
  • Filming and locations

  • Filming dates – 12 July–3 September 1965
  • Interiors:

  • Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire
  • Exteriors:

  • Chobham Common, Surrey
  • Black Park, Fulmer, Buckinghamshire
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