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Created by
Íris Abravanel

Directed by
Reynaldo Boury

Final episode date
26 July 2013

Program creator
Íris Abravanel


Written by
First episode date
21 May 2012

Number of episodes

Carrossel httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediapt220Cap

Children's telenovela, Comedy, Drama

Rosanne Mulholland, Larissa Manoela ,Jean Paulo Campos, Maisa Silva, Thomaz Costa

Opening theme
Carro-céuby Yudi and Priscilla

Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão

Larissa Manoela, Thomaz Costa, Rosanne Mulholland, Fernanda Concon, Ana Victória Zimmermann

Chiquititas, Cúmplices de um Resgate, Carinha de Anjo, Patrol Salvadora, Carrusel


Carrossel (Portuguese word for "Carousel") is a children's telenovela created by Íris Abravanel and written by Abel Santa Cruz, originally transmitted on SBT from May 21, 2012 to July 26, 2013. It is a Brazilian remake of the Mexican telenovela Carrusel, which in turn had been inspired by the Argentinean telenovela Jacinta Pichimahuida, la Maestra que no se Olvida.


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In a short time the display was a telenovela phenomenon of hearing canal causing quite successful among the children public yielding several CDs, DVDs, toys and other products in less than a year. including we have made several spin-offs based on it, including a cartoon series and television sitcom.

A theatrical film based on the novela was released on July 23, 2015, Carrossel: O Filme.

Carrossel | Capítulo 74 - 19/11/18, completo



Helena Fernandes is a young and beautiful teacher who carries a lot of love. She entered the Escola Mundial (World School), her first job as a real teacher, to teach the principles of life to the class of third year. Using affection and peace she wins the love of all her students, which in turn have different personalities: a snob Maria Joaquina, the modest Cirilo Rivera, the outgoing Valéria Ferreira, the smart Daniel Zapata, the gentle David Rabinovich, guard Jaime Palillo, the mischievous Paulo Guerra, the rebel Mário Ayala, a shy Carmen Carrilho, the busy Kokimoto Mishima, the romantic Laura Gianolli, the fragile Marcelina Guerra, the cocky Jorge Cavalieri, the creative Margarida Garcia, the brave Alícia Gusman, a friendly Bibi Smith and peaceful Adriano Ramos. At school, the teacher has the support of employees Graça and Firmino who love the students. But Helena has to endure the rules and requirements of Olívia, the director of the institution and the envy of Suzana, a teacher who comes in to replace it for a period.

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Outside school, children form a club led by Daniel called "Patrulha Salvadora" (Saving Patrol) where they gather in an abandoned house in this group, they help other children who do not study in the Escola Mundial, such as the wheelchair Tom who lives with his mother, Glória is to teacher; Clementina, a girl who is trapped inside her own house and Abelardo Cruz, a mischievous boy who lives with his grandfather, who is in turn a fight with his father.

The plot takes place in Escola Mundial, which in turn, is coordinated and organized by severe Director Olívia. The Portuguese Firmino Gonçalves and flustered Graça are responsible to clean and guard the school. During the daily life of the characters, Mário Ayala is embittered by the death of his mother, father absence and rude stepmother; Cirilo suffers from bias Maria Joaquina; Jaime with the low grades; Marcelina put up with the antics of his brother Paulo and Carmen parental consent fights.

Adriano lives with his mother and his imaginary friends, among them, half speaking Chulé; Cirilo lives with his parents José and Paula Rivera; Carmen lives with her brother Eduardo and her parents Inês and Frederico Carrilho; Maria Joaquina lives with her housekeeper-nanny Joana and her parents Clara and Miguel Medsen; Paulo and Marcelina live with their parents Lilian and Roberto Guerra; Valéria lives with her parents Rosa and Ricardo Guerra; Jaime lives with his brother Jonas and their parents Heloísa and Rafael Palillo; and Jorge lives with his parents Rosana and Alberto Cavalieri.

Renê, an old school friend of Suzana, is hired to replace Escola Mundial music teacher, Matilde. Meeting Helena in a party thrown by Maria Joaquina, they fall in love, but Suzana is also in love with him and tells several lies to Helena, so that she should get away from him.


  • Ms. Helena Fernandes (Rosanne Mulholland): The protagonist of the telenovela. She is a 24-year-old teacher who teaches the third grade at the Escola Mundial. Beloved by all her students, Helena is kind and always protects them.
  • Cirilo Rivera (Jean Paulo Campos): Is a poor and black boy. He is better known by the students for being gullible and, due to his ingenuity, he is always fooled by Paulo, Mário or Kokimoto. He is also in love with Maria Joaquina.
  • Maria Joaquina Medsen (Larissa Manoela): She is a rich, racist and somewhat arrogant girl and daughter of Dr. Miguel, a reputed, yet humble doctor. Maria Joaquina is always bragging about her dad and snobs everyone who has a lower class than her, especially Cirilo, for being black. However, she helps her classmates sometimes. She ends up being Cirilo's friend.
  • Valéria Ferreira (Maisa Silva): A smart, rowdy and sometimes, mistrustful girl and Davi's girlfriend. She is always making jokes about other students during class, causing everyone to laugh.
  • Jaime Palillo (Nicholas Torres): Jaime is a chubby boy who can't get the lessons at school. Despite being a little stupid with the study, Jaime is very gentle and turned out to help anyone he can.
  • Carmen Carrilho (Stefany Vaz): She is the poorest student in Helena's class and suffers by her parents' divorce. During a period, Carmen has appendicitis and was operated by Maria Joaquina's father. This also caused her parents to live together again.
  • Davi Rabinovich (Guilherme Seta): Valéria's Jewish boyfriend. He is called a coward by his classmates. Davi has a turtle pet named Relâmpago (Lightning, in English) and once wished to make him soup to cure Firmino, who was sick.
  • Laura Gianolli (Aysha Benelli): This chubby and gluttonous girl is always saying "That's so romantic", "That's so unromantic" and "That's so sentimental". For her fatty appearance, some studdents poke fun at her.
  • Daniel Zapata (Thomaz Costa): Is the most intelligent and correct studdent in the class. He is good friends with Maria Joaquina and Margarida Garcia, and he is the president of the boys' club.
  • Paulo Guerra (Lucas Santos): Paulo is the most troublesome in the class. He is a bully who is always making jokes about Cirilo, Laura and mistreating his little sister, Marcelina.
  • Mario Ayala (Gustavo Daneluz): Mario lives with his father, Germano Ayala, his stepsister and his mean stepmother Natália Ayala. He started to study at the Escola Mundial after being sent out of another school for misbehaving. On his first school day, Mario behaved so badly that caused Helena to cry. In the course of time, his demeanor gets better and he becomes friends with everyone. He loves animals and once adopted a street dog and named it Rabito.
  • Marcelina Guerra (Ana Vitória Zimmermann): Is the sister of Paulo Guerra. Her brother hates her, but however, she still loves him and everything bad he does she says it's not his fault. She is usually made fun of because she is the smallest in her class.
  • Adriano Ramos (Konstantino Atan): He has very crazy dreams, which make him sleep during class time. In his room, he likes to talk to an old sock, named Chulé (Portuguese word for "stinky feet"), and a chair name Senhor Cadeirudo
  • Alicia Gusman (Fernanda Concon) : Is the tomboy of the class. She likes to ride her skateboard, even to school. The clothes she wears don't match. She also enjoys radical sports.
  • Bibi Smith (Victória Diniz) : She has an American accent because she lived in the USA for some years. She mixes some words in English with some in Portuguese. She is the best friend of Maria Joaquina.
  • Jorge Cavalieri (Léo Belmonte) : Is the richest boy in the class. He is also Maria Joaquina's neighbor. Jorge is very proud and snobs his classmates and also thinks they are inferior to him, that is why they don't like him, but they still hang out with him.
  • Kokimoto Mishima (Matheus Ueta) : He is very small, but smart. He wears a Japanese band on his head (called hachimaki) to say that he is Japanese. He is friends with Paulo Guerra, and helps him on almost all his plans, however he never gets in trouble for doing them.
  • Tom (João Lucas Takaki) : Is the son of Ms. Glória, he is in a wheelchair, because his parents had a car crash and he was in the car. His father died, and he still lives with his mother. Initially, Tom was scared to go to school because he thought the students would make fun of him. But later the students of the third grade played with him and proved that he wasn't any different than them just because he was in a wheelchair.
  • Ms. Suzana Bustamante (Lívia Andrade)  : Is the teacher of the fourth grade, previously she was the substitute teacher of the third grade when Ms. Helena has a car accident. She is in love with the music teacher, called Renê, and tries to make his relationship with Ms. Helena worse. She is friends with Principal Olivia, and is always telling her bad things about Ms. Helena.
  • Mr. Renê Magalhães (Gustavo Wabner) : Is the music teacher at Mundial School. He knows Ms. Suzana from college. He likes Ms. Suzana as a friend, so he likes to talk to her. However, he has a crush on Ms. Helena. The students of the third grade love him, so they always behave during his class.
  • Firmino Gonçalves (Fernando Benini) : He was born in Portugal, and came to Brazil when he was older. His wife died, making him sad. He is the groundskeeper at Mundial School. The students of Mundial School are the children he never had.
  • Graça (Márcia de Oliveira) : Is the maid at Escola Mundial. She loves to hear everything everyone says, and usually gossips it to teacher Helena. She complains her job is not good. She hates teacher Suzana and says she is a snake. She is a great friend of Firmino.
  • Principal Olivia Veider (Noemi Gerbelli) : Is the principal at Escola Mundial. She thinks everything can be solved with discipline, and she hates loves. She hates teacher Helena, and when teacher Suzana is gossiping about teacher Helena, Olivia always believes.
  • Spin-off series

    On 22 February 2013 the SBT confirmed that the station along with the company until Super Toons will launch in the second half of 2013 the cartoon series of novela. Production will initially with 9 episodes 26 minutes, the idea will also expand the cartoon to the whole Latin America.

    Also a few chapters before the premiere of the novela Chiquititas, which would replace Carrossel on time, we made a mini journal called "Carrossel TV" with the characters themselves Carrossel presenting. The skit was performed with Valéria, Maria Joaquina, Cirilo, Jaime and Kokimoto doing interviews with the characters of Chiquititas. While the novel ended SBT decided reprises her the following month and so decided to create a children's afternoon to cover the hours while the novel did not return. The program was called "Clube do Carrossel" and followed the same structure of other children's programs of the channel like Bom Dia & Companhia featuring cartoons and evidence together from viewers.

    In 2014 was released the show "Patrulha Salvadora" that would be a continuation of the novel focused on action and suspense where the characters are superheroes.


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