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Carl Peschel tenement in Bydgoszcz

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Type  Tenement
Completed  1893
Opened  1893
Groundbreaking  1892
Architectural style  Eclecticism & rokoko
Client  Carl Peschel
Floors  4
Architect  Józef Święcicki
Carl Peschel tenement in Bydgoszcz
Classification  N°A/11, 12th October 1999
Location  Gdanska Street 101, Bydgoszcz, Poland
Similar  Hugo Hecht tenement, Theonia Reichhardt House in, Julius Grey house in Bydgoszcz, Villa Hugo Hecht in Bydgoszcz, Alexander Timm House

The Carl Peschel tenement is a historical habitation building of Bydgoszcz, Poland.



The building stands on the western side of Gdańska Street, between Świętojańska St. and Chocimska St., opposite Zamoyski street.

It stands close to remarkable tenements in the same street, among others:

  • Tenement at Gdanska street 91;
  • Hugo Hecht tenement at N°92-94;
  • Carl Bradtke Tenement at N°93;
  • Tenement at Gdanska street 95;
  • Stanisław Rolbieski tenement at N°96;
  • Reinhold Zschiesche Tenement in Bydgoszcz at the next crossing.
  • History

    The house was built in 1892-1893, designed by Bydoszcz's architect Józef Święcicki for Carl Peschel, a rentier. At the time, the address was "Danzigerstrasse 57", Bromberg.

    Since its creation, the edifice has been conceived as a renting house (more than 15 inhabitants were registered at this address in 1900) and commercial building.


    The building has an eclecticism style facade.

    The red brick wall contrasts with the rich, neo-baroque details, the rococo stuccoes -distant reminiscence of northern Mannerism. On the symmetry axis of this two-winged building is placed a gate door with wrought iron decorative elements.

    In the same area, Józef Święcicki also realized other edifices, among which:

  • Hotel "Pod Orlem" at Gdanska St. 14;
  • Oskar Ewald Tenement at Gdanska St. 30;
  • Józef Święcicki tenement at Gdanska St. 63;
  • Tenement at Gdanska Street 86;
  • Villa Hugo Hecht at N°88-90;
  • Hugo Hecht tenement at N°92-94
  • Tenement at Freedom Square 1.
  • The building has been put on the Pomeranian heritage list (N°A/11), 12 October 1999


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