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Kingdom  Animalia
Scientific name  Cardellina
Higher classification  New World warbler
Order  Passerine
Family  Parulidae
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Genus
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Lower classifications  Red‑faced warbler, Red warbler, Pink‑headed warbler

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Cardellina is a genus of birds of the New World warbler family Parulidae. Most classification systems list at least five species., however the South American Classification Committee of the AOU continue to list Wilson's warbler and Canada warbler in the genus Wilsonia. The genus name Cardellina is a diminutive of the Italian dialect Cardella, the European goldfinch.


Wilson s warbler cardellina pusilla feeding on insects christmas mountains

List of species

The following species are currently recognized:

  • Red-faced warbler – Cardellina rubrifrons
  • Red warbler – Cardellina rubra
  • Pink-headed warbler – Cardellina versicolor
  • Wilson's warbler – Cardellina pusilla
  • Canada warbler – Cardellina canadensis
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