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Carbonyl fluoride

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Appearance  Colorless gas
Molar mass  66.01 g/mol
Density  2.7 g/cm³
Formula  COF2
Boiling point  -84.57 °C
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Carbonyl fluoride is the inorganic compound with the formula COF2. This gas, like its analog phosgene, is colourless and highly toxic. The molecule is planar with C2v symmetry.


Preparation and properties

Carbonyl fluoride can be prepared by reaction of phosgene with hydrogen fluoride and the oxidation of carbon monoxide, although the latter tends to result in over-oxidation to carbon tetrafluoride. The oxidation of carbon monoxide with silver difluoride is convenient:

CO + 2 AgF2 → COF2 + 2 AgF

Carbonyl fluoride is unstable in the presence of water, hydrolyzing to carbon dioxide and hydrogen fluoride:

COF2 + H2O → CO2 + 2 HF


Carbonyl fluoride is extremely poisonous with a threshold limit value of 2 ppm for short-term exposure.


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