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Captain Barbell (2011 TV series)

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Developed by  RJ Nuevas
First episode date  28 March 2011
Director  Dominic Zapata
7.5/10 IMDb

Directed by  Dominic Zapata
Final episode date  29 July 2011
Network  GMA Network
Captain Barbell (2011 TV series) https2bpblogspotcom48iRKKBjvmwTamuUEfynCI
Created by  Mars RaveloGMA Entertainment TV Group
Starring  Richard GutierrezJillian WardChristopher De LeonIsabel OliSam PintoLovi PoeSolenn HeussaffFrencheska FarrMichelle MadrigalBianca King
Opening theme  "Sandata"sung by Shamrock
Ending theme  "Isama Mo Ako"sung by Frencheska Farr
Genres  Action fiction, Melodrama, Fantasy television, Science Fiction
Cast  Richard Gutierrez, Lovi Poe, Solenn Heussaff, Bea Binene, Jennylyn Mercado
Similar  Magic Palayok, My Lover - My Wife, Nita Negrita, Blusang Itim, I Heart You - Pare!

Captain barbell first episode 03 28 2011 part 1

Captain Barbell is a 2011 superhero Philippine Drama adapted from Mars Ravelo's fictional superhero of the same name; directed by Dominic Zapata and developed by Jake Tordesillas. It is the second series based on the graphic novels by Mars Ravelo. It stars Richard Gutierrez, who reprises the role of the title role and its alter-ego Enteng, after playing him in the 2006 series. The show premiered on March 28, 2011. The show premiered on GMA Pinoy TV on March 30, 2011, two days after its original premiere. The show is set to end on July 29, 2011 to be replaced by Time of My Life.


Captain Barbell (2011 TV series) Pinoy Superheroes Universe CAPTAIN BARBELL 2011 Certified


Captain Barbell (2011 TV series) Pinoy Showbiz Surfer 39Captain Barbell39 Character Photos

As the story continues... Teng (Richard Gutierrez) and his wife Leah (Rhian Ramos) settling down in the city. But their simple life takes a dark turn when the latter is killed and becomes a heart donor to an undisclosed recipient.

Captain Barbell (2011 TV series) Pinoy Superheroes Universe CAPTAIN BARBELL 2011 Certified

In the spirit of true heroism, Captain Barbell fights through his sorrow and continues his quest for peace and order. He meets his strongest nemesis in Nero (Christopher de Leon), an evil genius, who became rich through his malevolent ways. Teng, on the other hand, clashes with Gregor (TJ Trinidad), whose father owns the tenement where Teng lives.

Captain Barbell (2011 TV series) Captain Barbell May 5 2011 Part 3 YouTube

Meanwhile, during a freak storm formed by Nero, Captain Barbell helps a woman give birth in the tenement. The woman soon dies thus leaving Teng with the responsibility of taking care of the child, whom Teng names Leah (named after his deceased wife) or Lelay (Jillian Ward). At the same time, a strong lightning strikes Teng’s barbell, which in turn spreads unique superpowers among some of the tenants.

Captain Barbell (2011 TV series) Captain Barbell 04012011 Part 1 YouTube

Years later, these tenants begin to discover their newfound gifts with some of them choosing to harness their superpowers for good, others for evil. One of them is Gregor, who has grown more jealous and hateful towards Teng. Gregor teams up with Nero, and along with the other supervillains, declares war against Captain Barbell.

Captain Barbell (2011 TV series) Pinoy Superheroes Universe CAPTAIN BARBELL 2011 Certified

On the other hand, General Armando (Eddie Gutierrez), a rich philanthropist, joins forces with Captain Barbell, and urges him to pool together the new league of superheroes.

As Captain Barbell/Teng braves the dark forces, he will also struggle with matters of the heart as he tries to uncover whom between his kind next-door neighbor Melanie (Isabel Oli) and Lelay’s school teacher Althea (Lovi Poe) received Leah’s heart. He will also cross paths with two other ladies who will likewise play important roles in his life, his arrogant boss Anita (Michelle Madrigal) and the avid news reporter Janna (Solenn Heussaff).

With his extraordinary strength, unmatched fighting skills and nearly invincible armour, can Captain Barbell together with the Liga ng Kalayaan (League of Freedom) successfully take down the supervillains, and defend his name as the ultimate protector of peace? How will he uncover the identity of Leah’s mysterious recipient? Which superheroes will form the Liga ng Kalayaan and who will side with the evil Nero?

Main cast

  • Richard Gutierrez as Potenciano "Teng" Captain Barbell
  • Jillian Ward as Lelay/Super Tiny
  • Lovi Poe as Althea
  • Isabel Oli as Nurse Melanie Ocampo
  • Supporting cast

  • Christopher de Leon as Nero
  • Michelle Madrigal as Anita/Cyclone
  • Frencheska Farr as Celina/Sonica
  • Sam Pinto as Agent Kyle
  • Solenn Heussaff as Reporter Janna Esquivel
  • Ellen Adarna as Katrina "Kat" Lazatin/Fuega
  • Jake Vargas as Alden/Spin
  • Bea Binene as Misha/Blade
  • Mike Tan as Teban/Anino
  • Eddie Gutierrez as Gen. Armando Chavez
  • TJ Trinidad as Gregor Javier/Metal Man
  • Akihiro Sato as Bruno/Higante
  • Paolo Paraiso as Rodel/Buhangin
  • Ervic Vijandre as Ricky Alejandre/Kidlat
  • Jon Hall as Roberto
  • Stef Prescott as Eva
  • Elvis Gutierrez as Gaston/Black Angel
  • Extended cast

  • Ces Quesada as Tita Liya
  • Ryan Yllana as Bobby Santos
  • Jaya Ramsey as Dolores Fernandez
  • Marky Lopez as Hekki
  • Lloyd Samartino as Manuel Javier, Gregor's Dad
  • Shamaine Centenera as Evie, Althea's Aunt
  • Christine Joy De Guzman as Angelina, Bobby's daughter
  • Saab Magalona as Kristel
  • Nina Ricci Alagao as Corrinne Lumibao
  • Joko Diaz as Bong, Kristel's Dad
  • Fayatollah as Wifey, Bobby's Wife.
  • Jade Lopez as Melanie's officemate
  • Jaime Fabregas as President
  • Guest cast

  • Rhian Ramos as Leah Lazaro-Magtanggol
  • Jennylyn Mercado as Rose
  • Tin Arnaldo as Ofelia Concepcion, Lelay's Mom
  • Dino Guevarra as Fernando
  • Jennica Garcia as Linda/Aswang
  • Bubbles Paraiso as Aswang
  • Lilia Cuntapay as Faustina
  • Rox Montealegre as Edith/Aswang
  • Maxene Magalona as Dalisay (Diwata ng Tubig)
  • Bianca King as Lt. Lary Gempez
  • Soundtrack

    The following two songs are the main songs in the series:

  • Sandata- Captain Barbell's new official theme, performed also by Shamrock.
  • Isama Mo Ako- Captain Barbell's new love theme, performed by Frencheska Farr
  • Book 2

    The show was expected to end in early July but was given an extension. It is still to be replaced by Iglot starring Claudine Barretto but now that it was given a Book 2, the date is still yet unknown The show was given an extension from its original plans, those weeks deal with Jillian Ward taking place of Captain Barbell's mission to save people as Super Tiny, she will also be guided on how to use her powers by General Armando, to be played by Eddie Gutierrez and Melanie, played by Isabel Oli, finding Teng in the Mountain Province during a medical mission.


    On October 28, 2011. They made a statement which aired after 24 Oras but the statement is officially aired about the mistaken identification of its falsification elements about the President of the Philippines.


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