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Cannabis Social Club

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Cannabis Social Club

A Cannabis Social Club, sometimes called a Teapad, are places in which cannabis is sold and enjoyed, usually for the purpose of relaxing or for social communion. These places differ from Cannabis coffee shops in that they are also operating coffee shops and are usually found in the Netherlands, while social clubs are usually only cannabis centered establishments.



Cannabis Social Clubs became popular in the United States during prohibition. Cannabis was often used as a legal intoxicant since alcohol was illegal. Teapads were developed as clubs in urban areas where jazz music was performed and cannabis was consumed. Teapads usually catered to those in the jazz scene and were usually furnished comfortably, often playing jazz music. Music in homage from these clubs arose; Gene Krupa even composed an entire album named "Teapad Songs Volume 1". These clubs disappeared after cannabis became illegal.


A Cannabis Social Club is a concept of the pan-European non-government organization ENCOD conceived in 2005 as a way to enable legal production and distribution of cannabis for adults. Cannabis Social Clubs are non-commercial organizations which organize the professional, collective cultivation of very limited amounts of cannabis, just enough to cover the personal needs of their club members.

Cultivation, transport, distribution and consumption are subject to security and quality checks, and are done without publicity or advertisement of any kind. The members finance the system by subscriptions, according to their needs. Each member gets a value card with units, according to his credit, with a maximum limit per month and per year. The members are prohibited from reselling any cannabis purchased, and are required to ensure that it is not consumed by minors. In contrast to the Cannabis Buyers Club a CSC are not limited to medical-only use. Cannabis Social Clubs exist in New Zealand, Spain, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Austria and Germany. In 2016 four Swiss cities agreed to establish pilot cannabis clubs.


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