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Canadian federal election results in Suburban Toronto

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Canadian federal election results in Suburban Toronto

This is page shows results of Canadian federal elections in the outer parts of Toronto—the area that was the suburban portion of Metro Toronto prior to the 1998 merger.


Regional profile

This region had traditionally been a mixed bag and a bellwether region; the provincial Tories did very well here during their 42-year run in government. With the large proportion of immigrants in the region and urban growth, it became the Liberals' power base for almost two decades. From 1993 to 2008, Liberal candidates swept the region, making this region to the Liberals what Rural Alberta was to the Conservatives. In some ridings, the Liberals defeated their closest opponents by margins of 3-1 or more. Like all of the city of Toronto and most of the urban Greater Toronto Area, the New Democratic Party (NDP) had some pockets of support. The Conservatives didn't even register on the radar screen at first; the centre-right had been more or less nonexistent in the former Metro Toronto since the Progressive Conservatives lost all of their seats here in 1993. This changed in 2011, when a slight uptick in Conservative support, combined with vote splitting between the Liberals, NDP and Greens allowed the Conservatives to take six seats in the region - including Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff's Etobicoke—Lakeshore - (nearly all by narrow margins, including one by 26 votes) and the national surge of NDP support allowed them to take two. However, the Liberals lead slightly in terms of popular vote.

The region reverted to form in 2015, as a massive surge in Liberal support allowed the Liberals to take every seat here by very large margins (6,000 votes or more) en route to taking all of Toronto.

2004 - 38th General Election

1 - Collenette not seeking re-election.
2 - formerly held by Allan Rock.
3 - Eggleton not seeking re-election.


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