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Canadian federal election results in Eastern Quebec

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Canadian federal election results in Eastern Quebec

Canadian federal elections have provided the following results in Eastern Quebec.

Regional Profile

Until 1984, this region of Quebec was Liberal territory. Social Credit also did well here, winning in Rimouski and in Bellechasse in 1979. Brian Mulroney, a native of this area, was able to sweep this region for the Conservatives in 1984 and 1988, using the strong nationalist sentiment in the area. That nationalist support transferred to the Bloc Québécois, which dominated this region for the better part of two decades; the Liberals only won Montmagny in 1997 and the Bonaventure region in 1993. When the BQ experienced a decline in 2000, the Liberals were able to win in the Gaspé, and took Lévis in a by-election. When the Liberals collapsed in Quebec, the Bloc regained all their lost seats in 2004. One of those seats, however was lost to the Conservatives in 2006, and the Tories got another in a 2009. Hopes of further Bloc gains were dashed in 2011, as they were cut down to only one seat, with the NDP seizing one seat each from the Bloc and the Tories (the latter on a judicial recount).


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