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Canadian federal election results in Eastern Ontario

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Canadian federal election results in Eastern Ontario

Canadian federal elections have provided the following results in Eastern Ontario.


Regional profile

This mostly rural region has historically split between the Conservatives and Liberals, though vote-splitting led to a Liberal sweep in 1993 and 1997. The merge of the former Canadian Alliance and Progressive Conservative parties, however, saw the region swing rightward in the new millennium. Conservative parties gradually increased their seat numbers from 2004 onward, and by 2006 only the college town urban seat of Kingston and the Islands remained in Liberal hands.

In the 2011 election, the region was affected by the nationwide surge in support for the NDP. Although the NDP failed to win any seats in the area, they increased their popular vote share in all seven of the region's ridings, and won second place in three of the area's ridings.

The Liberal wave that swept through Ontario in 2015 saw the Liberals take four seats in eastern Ontario, mostly in more urbanized areas (Kingston, Belleville, Hawkesbury). The Conservatives won the other four.

1962 - 25th General Election

  • Note: Election held on July 16 due to the death of the Liberal candidate
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