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Campo Magro

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Campo Magro is a county in the Great Curitiba, state of ParanĂ¡, Brazil. It is a very young county, and its economy is growing around the road that links Curitiba to Castro, known as "Estrada do Cerne", a two way road.


Map of Campo Magro - Paran%C3%A1, Brazil

Lately, ecotourism is a flourishing industry but its inconsistent growth has encouraged the inhabitants of the city to seek employment at Curitiba.

A very important source of income to the county comes from monthly payments provided by the Federal/State governments for its sources of potable waters to the State capital Curitiba.

It is an attractive place to visit and invest in, as the main city is currently growing towards it. Due to its ecological routes, it also is an attractive place for real estate investments.


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