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Camoensia (plant)

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Kingdom  Plantae
Subfamily  Faboideae
Rank  Genus
Family  Fabaceae
Higher classification  Faboideae
Order  Fabales
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Tribe  Camoensieae (Yakovlev 1972) Cardoso et al 2013.
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Camoensia is a genus of 2 species of lianas in the family Fabaceae, subfamily Faboideae, native to the Gulf of Guinea, Africa. C. scandens is cultivated as an ornamental plant; it has one of the largest leguminous flowers, up to 20 cm across. The genus has classically been assigned to the tribe Sophoreae, but was recently assigned to its own monophyletic tribe, Camoensieae, on the basis of molecular phylogenetic evidence. Species of Camoensia are known to produce quinolizidine alkaloids, consistent with their placement in the genistoid clade.


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