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Bunchosia argentea

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Kingdom  Plantae
Genus  Bunchosia
Higher classification  Bunchosia
Order  Malpighiales
Family  Malpighiaceae
Scientific name  Bunchosia argentea
Rank  Species
Bunchosia argentea Bunchosia argenta Peanut Butter Tree TopTropicalscom
Similar  Black Sapote, Ice‑cream‑bean, Amazon Grape, Mamey Sapote, White sapote

Peanut butter fruit review bunchosia argentea weird fruit explorer ep 152

Bunchosia argentea, commonly known as Peanut Butter Fruit, is a species of flowering plant in the acerola family, Malpighiaceae, that is native to Venezuela and Colombia in South America. It produces a small orange-red fruits with sticky, dense pulp and a flavour resembling that of dried figs or peanut butter, hence the name. Additionally, the scent is unmistakably of peanut butter. Mostly eaten fresh, also used for jellies, jams, or preserves. It is cultivated in South Florida. It is one plant on display at the "Living with the Land" attraction at the Epcot, Disney World, Orlando.


Bunchosia argentea Bunchosia argenta Peanut Butter Tree TopTropicalscom

Peanut butter fruit tree bunchosia argentea

Bunchosia argentea httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu

Bunchosia argentea Bunchosia argentea Useful Tropical Plants
Bunchosia argentea Peanut Butter Fruit Bunchosia argentea Buy it Now


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