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Kingdom  Plantae
Scientific name  Bunchosia
Order  Malpighiales
Family  Malpighiaceae
Rank  Genus
Bunchosia Bunchosia argenta Peanut Butter Tree TopTropicalscom
Lower classifications  Peanut Butter Fruit, Bunchosia hartwegiana

Peanut butter tree bunchosia argentea daleysfruit com au

Bunchosia is a genus in the Malpighiaceae, a family of about 75 genera of flowering plants in the order Malpighiales. It contains roughly 75 species of trees and shrubs, which are native to dry woodlands, savannas, and wet forests. Their range extends from Mexico and the Caribbean to southeastern Brazil and adjacent Argentina. Bunchosia is one of three arborescent genera of Malpighiaceae with fleshy, bird-dispersed fruits.


Bunchosia bunchosia swartziana

Peanut butter fruit review bunchosia argentea weird fruit explorer ep 152

Selected species

Bunchosia Bunchosia armeniaca Peanut Butter Fruit Monk39s Plum Marmela
  • Bunchosia argentea (Jacq.) DC. – Marmelo, Mountain plum (Ciruela del monte), Peanut butter fruit. Leaves have silvery underside. Fruit is hairy and is uncultivated.
  • Bunchosia armeniaca (Cav.) DC. – Friar's plum (Ciruela del fraile), Friar's peanut butter fruit
  • Bunchosia biocellata Schltdl.
  • Bunchosia cauliflora W.R.Anderson
  • Bunchosia cornifolia Kunth
  • Bunchosia costaricensis Rose
  • Bunchosia glandulifera (Jacq.) Kunth – Most widely cultivated species, also called peanut butter fruit or cafe falso
  • Bunchosia glandulosa (Cav.) DC.
  • Bunchosia hartwegiana Benth.
  • Bunchosia hookeriana A.Juss.
  • Bunchosia jamaicensis Urb. & Ndz.
  • Bunchosia lindeniana A.Juss.
  • Bunchosia linearifolia P.Wilson
  • Bunchosia maritima (syn. B. fluminensis) (Vell.) J.F. Macbr. – Called Yellow Usuma or Cafezão Amarelo do mato, taste of candied pumpkin
  • Bunchosia mcvaughii W.R.Anderson
  • Bunchosia pallescens Skottsb. – Called Usuma or Cafezão do mato, pleasant tomato paste taste
  • Bunchosia praecox W.R.Anderson
  • Bunchosia sonorensis Rose
  • Bunchosia tutensis Dobson
  • Formerly placed here

  • Malpighia mexicana subsp. guadalajarensis (S.Watson) F.K.Mey. (as B. guadalajarensis S.Watson)

  • Bunchosia Tropical plant catalog TopTropicalscom
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    Bunchosia Bunchosia armeniaca Peanut Butter Fruit Monk39s Plum Marmela
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