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Bulstake Stream

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Bridges  Bulstake Bridge
Bulstake Stream

Thames flooding botley rd oxford at bulstake stream underpass showing blockages

Bulstake Stream, also spelt Bullstake Stream, is a backwater of the River Thames at Oxford, England.

The stream leaves the main stream of the Thames at a river junction known as Four Rivers, at the south west corner of Fiddler's Island opposite Sheepwash Channel. It immediately flows past Tumbling Bay, the site of a bathing place in use from 1853 to 1990. Osney Ditch flows out of Bulstake Stream southeast towards Osney. Bulstake Stream follows a semi-circular course, west and then south, passing under bridges on Binsey Lane and Botley Road (Bulstake Bridge) to a confluence with Seacourt Stream near North Hinksey. It then flows east past Osney Mead Industrial Estate, and rejoins the Thames at the Osney Rail Bridge. The Thames Path crosses the stream on a bridge known as Boney's Bridge. Botley Stream flows into Bulstake Stream from Seacourt Stream just north of Botley Road.

The stream between Seacourt Stream and the Thames is also known as Potts Stream or Pot Stream.

Until 1790, the stream was the main navigation channel of the Thames. It became a backwater when Osney Lock was opened.


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