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Bugge Wesseltoft

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Name  Bugge Wesseltoft

Role  Musician
Parents  Erik Wesseltoft
Bugge Wesseltoft wwwgubemusiccomstaticpubthumbnailmediumMEDI
Birth name  Jens Christian Bugge Wesseltoft
Born  1 February 1964 (age 51) Porsgrunn, Telemark, Norway (1964-02-01)
Genres  Jazz, NuJazz, future jazz and electronica
Occupation(s)  Musician, composer, music producer
Instruments  Piano, keyboards, electronic instruments, percussion
Labels  Jazzland Recordings ECM Records
Music groups  Crimetime Orchestra, Oslo Groove Company, Jazzpunkensemblet
Albums  Trialogue, Bugge & Friends, OK World, Duo, New Conception of Jazz: M

Associated acts  New Conception of Jazz

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Jens Christian Bugge Wesseltoft (born 1 February 1964) is a Norwegian jazz musician, pianist, composer and producer, son of the jazz guitarist Erik Wesseltoft.


Bugge Wesseltoft wwwgubemusiccomstaticpubthumbnailmediumMEDI

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Bugge Wesseltoft Shape the Future of Audio Bugge Wesseltoft Back to the Future

Wesseltoft was born in Porsgrunn. After high school in Skien, where he was involved in the school brass band and dance orchestras, he became a professional musician in 1983 only 19 years old. By the age of 16, he joined a punk rock band, but the influence of the jazz guitarist father, stalked on him. After moving to his father in Oslo (1984), it was mostly music with roots in jazz that mattered, although he also worked as a back-up musician and producer for the pop and rock elite in Norway. He had originally intended to study music, but the gigs were too many, and therefore he never got any further formal musical education. Towards the end of the 1980s Bugge Wesseltoft was involved in a variety of pop, rock and jazz bands like the "U and Z", "Et Cetera" and most important the Oslo Groove Company, and he was recognised as a coming musical genius with a great talent for the piano. This led to collaborations within the Knut Riisnæs Quartet in 1989, and he was soon after contacted by Arild Andersen to join in on the commissioned work for Vossajazz - released on the album Sagn (1990) - and the follow up Arv (1993), and Jan Garbarek for his Molde Canticle (1990), a commission from the Moldejazz, released on the album I Took Up the Runes (1990).

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Bugge Wesseltoft had a great impact on the Norwegian Jazz scene at the beginning of the 1990s, while going through a transition from Nordic jazz traditions exemplified by the ECM label to a style sometimes referred to as "future jazz" or nu jazz. There after he toured extensively on the international Jazz scenes, performing both jazz and rock conserts to live audiences, and on a series of recordings on his own Jazzland label. Bugge Wesseltoft collaborated with a series artists in this period, like the guitarists Terje Rypdal and Jon Eberson, and in the mid-90's he toured and recorded the album Billy Cobham presents Nordic – Off Color (1999) together with Billy Cobham. For many years he collaborated with the experimental jazz vocalist Sidsel Endresen, and was in the lineup for her commissioned work at the Moldejazz in 1993, which was released on the album Exile (1994). His own commissioned work A Little War Story for the Vossajazz was also performed in 1993. Bugge Wesseltoft formed his own band the 'New Conception of Jazz' in 1995, and their first album New Conception of Jazz' (1996), was awarded a Spellemannprisen in 1996.

Bugge Wesseltoft Bugge Wesseltoft Henrik Schwarz Audun Erlien Trio Mpa Budapest

During the 1990s the music of Bugge Wesseltoft found an audience on the Norwegian techno and dance music scenes. The connection with the club world led to the 2000 release of Jazzland Remixed, which enhanced his reputation even more with the younger audience. Firmly committed to electronic music, he completely eschews acoustic forms and is just as adamant that he will not be tied by genre boundaries, bringing hip-hop and other contemporary dance music forms into his concept of contemporary jazz. On the album Sharing (1998) many was taken by surprise by his extensive use of club DJ's and scratchers.

The track "Existence" could be heard in Philippe Harel's movie "Extension du domaine de la lutte", an adaptation of Michel Houellebecq's 1994 novel.

John Kellman of the All About Jazz magazine recognized Bugge Wesseltoft Solo appearance at The Punkt Festival, Kristiansand, Norway, September 2013, as one of his 25 "Best Live Shows of 2013".


  • 1996: Smugetprisen
  • 1996: Spellemannprisen in the class Jazz, for the album New Conception of Jazz
  • 1997: Kongsberg Jazz Award
  • 1998: Spellemannprisen together with Sidsel Endresen in the class Jazz, for the album Duplex Ride
  • 1999: Gammleng-prisen in the class Jazz
  • 2002: Spellemannprisen in Open class, for the album Out here, In there
  • 2004: Buddyprisen, awarded by The Norwegian Jazz Forum
  • Solo albums

    Solo piano
  • 1997: It's Snowing on My Piano
  • 2007: Im
  • 2009: Playing
  • 2011: Songs
  • 2017: Everybody Loves Angels (ACT)
  • Within New Conception of Jazz
  • 1996: New Conception of Jazz
  • 1998: New Conception of Jazz: Sharing
  • 2001: New Conception of Jazz: Moving
  • 2003: New Conception of Jazz Live
  • 2004: New Conception of Jazz: Film Ing
  • The Platinum Edition German Jazz Award
  • 2009: The Bugge Wesseltoft Platinum Edition (ACT)
  • Bugge & Friends
  • 2015: Play It
  • 20 years with Jazzland
  • 2016: Somewhere In Between
  • As co-leader

    With Sidsel Endresen (duo)
  • 1994: Nightsong
  • 1998: Duplex Ride
  • 2002: Out Here, in There
  • Collaborations

    With Jan Garbarek
  • 1990: I Took Up the Runes (ECM Records)
  • With Arild Andersen
  • 1990: Sagn (Kirkelig Kulturverksted), commissioned work for Vossajazz
  • 1993: Arb (Kirkelig Kulturverksted)
  • With Sidsel Endresen
  • 1994: Exile (ECM Records)
  • 2000: Undertow (Jazzland Recordings)
  • With other projects
  • 1991: Live at Rockefeller with Jazzpunkensemblet
  • 1993: Tid, with Tore Brunborg
  • 1996: Nordic with Billy Cobham
  • 1997: Thirteen Rounds with Jazzpunkensemblet
  • 1997: Bitt with Audun Kleive
  • 1998: Rites with Jan Garbarek
  • 1998: Électronique Noire (Jazzland, EmArcy) with Eivind Aarset
  • 1999: Friday Sessions – Jazzland Sessions
  • 1999: Saturday Sessions – Jazzland Sessions
  • 1999: Sunday Sessions – Jazzland Sessions
  • 1999: Billy Cobham presents Nordic – Off Color with Billy Cobham
  • 2005: Cool Side of the Pillow with Michy Mano
  • 2005: The Cloud Making Machine with Laurent Garnier
  • 2007: Public Outburst with Laurent Garnier
  • 2010: "Arabesque" with Cæcilie Norby and Lars Danielsson
  • 2011: Duo with Henrik Schwarz
  • 2012: Last Spring with Henning Kraggerud
  • 2014: Trialogue with Henrik Schwarz and Dan Berglund
  • Guest appearances

  • 2001: Dreams That Went Astray with Jon Eberson Group
  • 2001: Home with Beady Belle
  • 2001: RevisitÈ with Erik Truffaz
  • 2003: Cewbeagappic with Beady Belle
  • 2005: Closer with Beady Belle
  • 2006: "Beauty Came To Us in Stone" with Mungolian Jet Set
  • Also appears on

    With Jan Garbarek
  • 1998: Rites (ECM Records)
  • With Terje Rypdal
  • 2003: Vossabrygg (ECM Records), commissioned work for Vossajazz
  • With Lars Danielsson & Nils Petter Molvaer
  • 2011: Beginner's Guide to Scandinavia (3CD, Nascente)
  • References

    Bugge Wesseltoft Wikipedia

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