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Buena Familia

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Created by
GMA Entertainment TV

Directed by
Gil C. Tejada, Jr.

First episode date
July 2015

Program creator
GMA Entertainment TV

Developed by
RJ Nuevas

Creative director(s)
Roy Iglesias

Final episode date
4 March 2016

Number of episodes

Buena Familia httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenccdBue

Family DramaMysterySuspenseThriller

Written by
Kit Villanueva-LangitZita GargarenaJules KatanyagPam MirasLobert Villela

The Half Sisters, Destiny Rose, Hanggang Makita Kang Muli, Healing Hearts, Wish I May


Buena Familia (lit. Good Family) is a 2015 Philippine family Drama series directed by Gil C. Tejada, starring Kylie Padilla, Martin del Rosario, Julie Anne San Jose, Jake Vargas and Julian Trono. The drama series premiered on GMA Network and worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV on July 28, 2015, replacing the top-rating drama series Yagit on the network's Afternoon Prime block. The drama series also features the return of the love team of Bobby Andrews and Angelu de Leon in Philippine television.


The story is about a wealthy family which is divided by war, repression, persecution and triggered crisis which were caused by Arthur's mistress Josephine and ultimately the great controversy between Celine's two opposing mothers.

Buena Familia Buena Familia premieres this July 27 on GMA Afternoon Prime Vox Bikol


Buena Familia Buena Familia39 Character Trailer and Posters Starmometer

The Buenas are the epitome of an ideal household; prominent, educated, and very wealthy. Arthur, the father, is a successful investment tycoon and his wife, Bettina, engages in all the big social events. Their beautiful children Celine, Darling, Edwin, and Faye, all study in exclusive schools. Everything seemed perfect with the Buenas until Josephine Carter enters the picture.

Buena Familia Buena Familia premieres July 28 on GMA Pinoy TV Philippine

Josephine poses as a new investor who later claims she was ruthlessly scammed by Arthur. It turns out that not only was she Arthur's former assistant, she was his disgruntled mistress as well. Now she plans to exact revenge on Arthur and ruin the Buena family in the process. Arthur is sentenced to jail because of a shocking scam and the family eventually lose all their wealth and holdings. Later, Bettina suffers a nervous breakdown and is institutionalized.

Without guardians, the four Buena children experience bullying, financial hardship, and the cruel realities of life as well as waves of opposition, repression, and persecution. But the cause of all these evils is Josephine. As the eldest, Celine is obliged to work to feed her siblings. She finds a job under Harry, a good-hearted businessman who admires Celine's determination. But their friendship is thwarted by his wily domineering mother Sandra and his awfully-scheming mistress Iris. He helps her bring the Buena family back on track. However, as her life was just starting to get better, Celine discovers that she is actually adopted and that her real mother is Josephine, the same woman who ruined and devastate her perfect life also the cause behind all the troubles and evils and the conflicting events triggered which she has caused against the Buenas.

Josephine manages to abduct and kill Celine as a means of getting her brutal wrath intensified against her rival Bettina, but when Arthur manages to stop her, he then later reveals that Celine is her long-lost child, this made Josephine blinded by unbelief and doubt. Tensions start to trigger between Bettina and Josephine.

Main cast

  • Kylie Padilla as Celine Buena / CJ Agravante
  • Julie Anne San Jose as Darlina "Darling" Buena
  • Julian Trono as Edwin Buena
  • Mona Louise Rey as Faye Buena
  • Bobby Andrews as Arthur Buena
  • Angelu de Leon-Rivera as Bettina Agravante-Buena / Sally Luzanes
  • Supporting cast

  • Sheryl Cruz as Josephine Carter
  • Jake Vargas as Kevin Acosta
  • Martin del Rosario as Harry Atendido
  • Jackie Rice as Iris Florencio
  • Kenneth Medrano as Pacoy Alvero
  • Ryza Cenon as Vaness Castro
  • Aicelle Santos as Olga Vergara
  • Mayton Eugenio as Lauren Villacor
  • Mel Kimura as Gloria Racaza
  • Lou Sison as Alexis Manuel
  • Pinky Amador as Sandra Atendido
  • Tessie Tomas as Marissa Agravante
  • Diego Llorico as Enrico Perez / Birty
  • Gerald Madrid as Marlon Abad
  • Arianne Bautista as Pamela
  • Tess Bomb as Norma Sebastian
  • Via Antonio as Marga Varga
  • Vince Velasco as Tony Lopez
  • Dan Alvaro as Kenneth Vasquez
  • Marky Lopez as Utoy Velasco
  • Michael Flores as Ramon
  • Angeli Bayani as Luz
  • Tina Paner as Julia
  • Kristofer Martin as Zach Michaels
  • Kim Rodriguez as Misha
  • Sheila Marie Rodriguez as Tootsie
  • Cogie Domingo as Kardo
  • Jay Arcilla as Marco
  • Dino Guevarra as Quentin Monsanto
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