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Brest Railway Museum

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Established  2002
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Location  2 Masherova str, Brest, Belarus
Website (Russian)
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The Brest Railway Museum or Brest Museum of Rail Equipment is the first outdoor railway museum in Belarus, located in Brest, opened in 2002.


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The museum is located close to the Brest Fortress, the major attraction of the city. It displays various historical locomotives and is used for shooting films and various festivals.

Brest Railway Museum Railway museum Brest

Museum's collection consists of 56 units including

  • Steam engines
  • EU EM ER E FD20 SO17 Su L LV P36 "Victory" 9P (tank-engine) TE (Europe made and converted to 1524mm gauge)
  • 2 Steam cranes
  • PK-6 PK-CUMZ
  • Retro passenger cabs
  • Diesel-electric engines
  • Te1 (Freight) Te3 (Freight) Te7 (Passenger version of Te3) 2Te109 (Freight) M62 (Freight-passenger) Tep60 (Passenger) ChME2 (Shunting) Tem15 (Shunting) Tem-2A (Shunting) Tu-2 (Narrow gauge freight-passenger)
  • Diesel-hydraulic engine TGK-1 (Shunting)
  • DMU DR1 (Head unit only)
  • Rail bus AS1A (for inspection purposes)
  • Snowplough SDPM
  • and others

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    Brest Railway Museum The Brest Railway Museum Belarus
    Brest Railway Museum Brest Railway Museum in Brest Belarus
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    Brest Railway Museum Brest Railway Museum Wikipedia


    Brest Railway Museum Wikipedia

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