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Brave Command Dagwon

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Original network
Nagoya TV

Final episode date
25 January 1997

Mecha, Action fiction

Directed by
Tomomi Mochizuki



Tomomi Mochizuki

Brave Command Dagwon httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaendd5517

Original run
February 3, 1996 – January 25, 1997

The Brave Express Might Gai, The Brave of Gold Goldran, The Brave Fighter of Legend D, The Brave Fighter of Sun Figh, Brave Police J‑Decker

Brave Command Dagwon (勇者指令ダグオン, Yūsha Shirei Daguon) is a Japanese anime series begun in 1996, created by Sunrise under the direction of Tomomi Mochizuki and was the seventh Yūsha or "Brave" metaseries funded by Takara and produced by Sunrise.


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Earth is the target of the former Sargasso prisoners who took over the prison asteroid and attack our planet. To counter this, Brave Seijin chose seven (initially, only five; Geki and Rai joined later on) youngsters from Earth to receive the DagBraces and turn into Dagwon, the alien equivalent to "brave".

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Drawing inspiration from Super Sentai, the youngsters can don battle suits by activating their braces with the voice command "Try Dagwon!", which grant them pseudo-elemental powers and attacks as well as amplified physical power and advanced protection. If that is not enough, they have personal vehicles at their disposal which can turn into humanoid robots. Through Fusion Combine (融合合体, Yūgō Gattai), they merge with their vehicles and control their humanoid forms as if they were their own bodies. If even greater power is needed, the heroes can merge with additional support units, or even with each other to create stronger robotic warriors.

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In addition to the heroes, other friendly mechanical aliens arrive to aid their quest. Lian, last survivor of his race, is essentially a huge sword who helped the team after they've proven their worth to him. Gunkid, who can take on the form of a jet or a bazooka, was initially on Sargasso's side before he decided to help the Dagwon team. Lian proceeded to become the teacher of Gunkid. The team also have a large robotic base called Dag Base at their disposal.

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Brave Command Dagwon The Brave Command Dagwon TV Anime News Network

Dagwon consists of 48 episodes, first aired on Nagoya TV from February 3, 1996 to January 25, 1997. Its success warranted the two-episode OVA "The Boy with Crystal Eyes" (水晶の瞳の少年, Suishō no Hitomi no Shōnen), which came out in September 1997. The show currently is not licensed in the US as is the status with all the other Brave Series, except GaoGaiGar.

It is interesting to note that, despite the series' lack of popularity among children, it found an audience among young females, who enjoyed the bishōnen main characters.

En Daidouji (大堂寺 炎, Daidōji En)

Voiced by Kōichi Tōchika

The fire warrior. The stereotypical hot-headed and determined type. Reckless, short-tempered and stubborn to a fault, but also brave, fearless and a loyal friend. En often locks heads with Kai, who just so happens to be his superior in school. He develops a close friendship with Ryu in the beginning of the series. He's the only one on the team who has two different vehicular bodies (that can merge into one). His robots are stand alone versions and do not combine with his teammates'.

Kai Hirose (広瀬 海, Hirose Kai)

Voiced by Takehito Koyasu

The speed warrior. Kai is head of the student council and practitioner of Kendo. He is almost always seen carrying a Shinai, which he uses to enforce the rules at school. He also tries to remind the team of their job and that it's not only fun and games, but does not always succeed since his strict, no-nonsense personality tends to rub them the wrong way.

Shin Sawamura (沢邑 森, Sawamura Shin)

Voiced by Jin Yamanoi

The weapons warrior. Shin is a luckless flirt with girls and has an alarming tendency to get shot down whenever he talks to one. In spite of this, Shin is friendly and good-natured. He is also skilled at martial arts, as seen when he uses Judo to stop a purse-snatching in the first episode.

Yoku Kazamatsuri (風祭 翼, Kazamatsuri Yoku)

Voiced by Hiro Yūki

The sky warrior. Shy and a bit geeky, Yoku is the brains of the team. He is very knowledgeable and computer savvy. He also likes to study strange and unusual things.

Ryu Hashiba (刃柴 竜, Hashiba Ryū)

Voiced by Atsushi Kisaichi

The shadow warrior. Calm, mysterious and a puzzle even to his team members. He's the only one to have "subordinates", animal robots stored in the form of cards. He was the last of the team to achieve his mecha fusion. Ryu develops a close friendship with En in the beginning of the series.

Geki Kuroiwa (黒岩 激, Kuroiwa Geki)

Voiced by Hisao Egawa

The ground warrior. Geki has a rivalry with En, who injured his arm in a fight at Geki's old school. He is even more short tempered and impatient than En and has a serious crush on Maria. Geki had something of a misguided view on being a hero at first, but eventually became a valuable member of the group. His robot, Dag Drill combines with Kai's, Shin's and Yoku's.

Rai Utsumi (宇津美 雷, Utsumi Rai)

Voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi

The thunder warrior. An alien Dagwon officer, Rai appears late in the series. He is very good looking, which earns him the unwanted advances of practically every female student at the boys' school. Rai hates the attention and gets embarrassed and flustered by it easily. Like En, his robot, DagThunder is a stand-alone mecha and does not combine with the others.


Maria Tobe (戸部 真理亜, Tobe Maria)
Voiced by Miki Nagasawa En's classmate. Because she is very interested in Occultism, she is often implicated into the commotion of aliens. She and En have been friends since they were 9 years old, they often quarreled with each other. But she gradually came to love him.
Manabu Tobe (戸部 学, Tobe Manabu)
Voiced by Naomi Nagasawa Maria's younger brother. His nickname is "Gaku". Because he is very interested in Dagwons, he is often implicated into the commotion of aliens, too.
Erika Serizawa (芹沢英里加, Serizawa Erika)
Voiced by Yuko Mizutani A high school reporter trying to find out the identity of Dagwon and later becomes Shin's love interest despite her not liking him and having affection for his alter ego DagArmor.
Yukari Fujii (藤井 ユカリ, Fujii Yukari)
Voiced by Kumiko Nishihara A junior high student and a friend of Shin.
Minako Hashiba (刃柴 美奈子, Hashiba Minako)
Voiced by Hiroko Konishi Ryu's younger sister. She have the power to foresee the future by dream, and she predicted the revival of Fire Jumbo.
Souichi Asahiyama (朝日山 壮一, Asahiyama Sōichi)
Voiced by Yū Shimaka The principal of Sankai High School.
Haruka Ijuuin (伊集院 遥香, Ijūin Haruka)
Voiced by Ken Shiroyama The vice-principal of Sankai High School.
Nagisa Hirose (広瀬渚, Hirose Nagisa)
Voiced by Mika Kanai Kai's younger sister and more lean-back than her brother. She only appears in the OVA.


Alien Brave/Brave Seijin (ブレイブ星人, Bureibu Seijin, Bravian)
Voiced by Jōji Nakata The alien police officer who gave the team their powers. He is killed by Mado and Gedo in retaliation for killing Hido.
Lian (ライアン, Raian)
Voiced by Yutaka Hirose A sword-shaped old warrior whose race, the Ken Seijin, was exterminated by Arch Seijin a long time ago.
Gunkid (ガンキッド, Gankiddo)
Voiced by Miki Nagasawa A young artillery unit who used to be corrupted by Sargasso, but eventually joined Dagwon.
Luna (ルナ, Runa)
Voiced by Yumi Fukamizu An alien Dagwon officer. Luna comes to Earth in the middle of the series and gives En a new Dagwon vehicle, Fire Shovel, after Fire Jumbo was temporarily destroyed. She is kidnapped afterward and brainwashed by Hido into his bidding. Kai is able to break her out of it after trying to kill him. She is also shown to have feelings for him. She has no robot like the others, but flies a fighter ship instead. She wields a beam rapier in her Dagwon armor.
Kenta (ケンタ, Kenta)
Voiced by Tomoko Ishimura The titular character of the OVA. Although shy natured he is of a race of crystal-like aliens called the Deandozol that drain the energy of stars unless they are killed in juvenile form.

Major Antagonists

Arch Seijin
The first Major villain in the series and was responsible for exterminating by the Ken Seijin a long time ago. Wears black knight-like armour. Revealed to look human underneath his armour when he is defeated by Lian
Warugaia Seijin Brothers
* Hido
Voiced by Masahito Yabe

First appearing in his human disguise, crashing into Luna’s ship as she is leaving earth, kidnapping and then brainwashing her into doing his bidding. He tried to have her kill Kai but he is able to break her out of it. Killed by Brave Seijin.

* Gedo
Voiced by Takashi Nagasako The muscle of the brother's. Killed by Power Dagwon & Lian
* Mado
Voiced by Koji Ishii The leader of the three. Killed by Super Fire Dagwon with Lian and Gunkid
Voiced by Ryuzaburo Otomo

The being responsible for the Sargasso prison break. Able to possess machines and organisms, he manipulated the prisoners throughout the entire series when his asteroid-like body crashed into Sargosso and took over the prison's computer system. He was thought to be killed when Sargasso was split in half by Dag Base. He survives and possesses Fire Dagwon, creating a barrier of hatred that consumes the Earth. Finally killed when En forces a fusion into Super Fire Dagwon and self-destructs in space.

Minor Antagonists

  • Sandoll Seijin: Appears in episode 1. Powers include a capsule form for space travel, palm sand missiles, reformation, and fusing with each other. Upon fusing they acquire the ability to shoot concentrated sand from the torso.
  • Zargoss Seijin
  • Zargoss Soldier: Appear in episodes 2, 8, 16, and 31. Powers include super speeds, explosive saliva, invisibility, eye lasers, and human disguises. Reappear in Brave Saga.
  • Zargoss Robo: Appear in episode 2, 8, 16, and 31. Powers include levitation, invisibility, underside energy bolts, eye, torso, and pelvis energy beams, and torso lasers.
  • Mognel: Appears in episode 8. Powers include burrowing, hypnotic snoring that becomes more powerful over time, a rubbery body with a high resistance to cold, and a powerful tail. Reappears in Brave Saga.
  • Sister Zargoss: Appear in episode 31. Powers include flight, acid streams from the mouth, and super speed. They are the elites of the zargoss seijin.
  • Queen Zargoss: Appears in episode 31. Powers include eye energy bolts, an energy field, and mouth energy bolts that convert objects into stone. She is the leader and possible mother of the zargoss seijin.
  • Gallon Seijin: Appears in episodes 3 and 21. Powers include a life draining slime body, emitting electricity, body spears, and a high resistance to heat.
  • Death Pulse Seijin: Appears in episode 4. Powers include levitation, circular saw top probes, and an electrical force field.
  • Death Pulse Robo: Appears in episodes 3 and 4. Powers include flight, swimming, an underside drill, fast spinning, and four flamethrowers on the top of the body.
  • Electron Seijin: Appears in episode 5. Powers include planetary travel in an orb of light, emitting electrical bolts and balls, converting his body into electricity, absorbing electricity to increase in size, an electric force field, and can spawn electric blades from the hands.
  • Chaos Seijin: Appears in episode 6. Powers include flight, possessing objects and reinforcing their structure, and reformation.
  • Guardroid: Appears in episode 7. They are the former jailer robots of Sargasso before a cosmic storm hit the asteroid prison and accidentally released the prisoners. They are armed with an assault rifle.
  • Gososa: Appears in episode 7. Powers include flight, guardroid storage, a black hole cell, a pair of punching arms armed with palm lasers, and a 16-tube rocket pod.
  • Space Locust: Appear in episode 11. Powers include sharp teeth and flight. They serve as the personal minions of Arch Seijin.
  • Gallabird Seijin: Appears in episodes 9 and 21. Powers include flight at mach 8, hurricane winds from the wings, a grapple tentacle in the forehead, and acid streams from the mouth. Reappears in Brave Saga.
  • Zamuza: Appear in episode 9. Powers include growth by eating, wall crawling, and mouth webs. Reappears in Brave Saga.
  • Killad Seijin: Appears in episode 10. Powers include absorbing defeated enemies using a forehead laser to absorb their powers and teleportation.
  • Evolved Killad: Appears in episodes 10 and 21. Powers include gorilla style strength, tiger style agility and fangs, a tank cannon on the left shoulder, a pair of missile launchers on the right shoulder, jet powered flight, and projectile resistance. After absorbing a destroyer class warship his new body weapons consist of machine gun turrets, a missile pod, and a triple barreled howitzer cannon and his body gains a resistance to blades.
  • Armor Seijin: Appears in episodes 12 and 21. Powers include a ball form capable of planetary travel and burrowing, iron consumption, thick head armor, and launchable needles from the mouth. After eating enough iron it can grow launchable spikes in its ball form.
  • Wildy Seijin: Appears in episode 13. Powers include a heat reflective sword, high jumping, and can cause illusions from his single eye.
  • Wildon: Appears in episode 13. Powers include flight and mouth flames. It serves as the mount for Wildy.
  • Rod Seijin: Appears in episode 14. Powers include flight and an electric whip for each arm.
  • Griffin: Appears in episode 14. Powers include flight, mouth energy bolts that rival napalm, mouth sonic waves, armored wings, growth over time, a high resistance to heat, and lasers from the forehead emerald.
  • Succubus: Appears in episodes 15 and 21. Powers include human disguises, hypnotic eyes, extendable tentacle fingers, teleportation, electric capture rings from her staff, size changing, and mouth flames.
  • Phoenix Seijin: Appears in episodes 17 and 21. Powers include a high body temperature, levitation, mouth flames, an egg-like regenerative core with telekinetic properties and black electric bolts, and fire absorption. Reappears in Brave Saga.
  • Vander Seijin: Appears in episode 18. Powers include hypnotizing children and entrapping them in spheres of light, floating on top of water, tentacles in his stomach, and flight. Reappears in Brave Saga.
  • Drangran Seijin: Appear in episode 19. Powers include extendable tentacle limbs, painful screams, and when wearing their bio-suits are armed with right wrist lasers.
  • Space Seed Plant: Appears in episode 19. Powers include destructive vines and acidic spores upon blooming.
  • Drangran Spider: Appears in episode 19. Its only known power is emitting webs from its mouth.
  • Nouvelle Seijin: Appear in episodes 20 and 21. Powers include a barrel-less laser pistol and flying saucers armed with jade converting energy bolts and spike missiles.
  • Hydron Seijin: Appears in episode 21. Powers include levitation, teleportation, reviving the dead, a bone scythe, summoning wormholes, holograms, and combining with revived spirits to form a skull-like tank.
  • Demos: Appears in episode 22. Powers include flight, teleportation, emitting lightning bolts from his hands, a sword made of electricity, and size changing.
  • Gandroid T96: Appears in episode 23. Powers include flight and turning into Mekaju. He is the former owner of Gunkid.
  • Mekaju: Appears in episodes 23 and 24. Powers include draining the life out of surrounding plant life, a grid energy barrier, reformation, and absorb solar radiation to power the Infinite Cannon.
  • Cameron Seijin: Appears in episode 25. Powers include flight, shape shifting, and body bombs.
  • Demaka Seijin: Appears in episode 26. Powers include merging into the environment, levitation, projecting images with his eye-like body, and turning into a cockroach.
  • Mouser Seijin: Appear in episode 27. Powers include reproducing by mitosis by consuming nutrients and super speed.
  • Mouser Robo: Appears in episode 27. Powers include flight, a mouth tractor beam, four energy cannons on the nose, energy beams from its launchable wired arms, gun turrets around the body, armor thick enough to withstand the Infinite Cannon, stunning energy bolts from the arms, and can release a drill from said arms.
  • Gumopider Seijin: Appears in episode 28. Powers include levitation, forehead and palm webs, solidifying clouds, wings that can control web movements, and eye lasers.
  • Radonpa Seijin: Appears in episode 29. He possesses no known powers.
  • Death Cop: Appears in episode 32. Powers include a slicing whip from the right wrist, a laser pistol, and fusion combining with his ship. He is a former Dagwon officer that turned to crime.
  • Death Cop Powered: Appears in episode 32. Powers include a three barreled machine gun in the left wrist, high jumping, a slicing electric whip in the right wrist, an energy saber stored in the left hip, and a powerful energy cannon called the Death Buster that is similar to the Infinite Cannon.
  • Futtoba Seijin: Appears in episode 33. Powers include levitation, weather manipulation, and hiding in a cumulonimbus cloud.
  • Pat Seijin: Appear in episode 34. Their only known power is having a metallic armored body.
  • Heavy Machine Robo: Appear in episode 34. Powers include flight, four grapple claw arms, and storing metal in their canister-like body.
  • Patrol Machine Robo: Appears in episode 34. Its only known power is a pair of claws for arms.
  • Savalas Seijin: Appears in episode 35. Powers include a flying orb that can manipulate water and has a high resistance to cold, swimming, and sharp claws.
  • Pulse Seijin: Appears in episode 36. Powers include converting his body into electricity and eye beams.
  • Trucker Seijin: Appears in episode 37. Powers include a turbine in its back used for speed and morphing into different types of trucks. Upon fully evolving he is armed with a pair of missile pods, a pair of machine guns on h its face, a cannon on its "scalp", and remote tires armed with a pair of spikes.
  • Ashura Shura: Appears in episode 38. Powers include a human disguise, telepathy, six spider legs from the back, and extendable arms.
  • Zelma Seijin: Appears in episode 41. Powers include flight, weather manipulation, tentacles that emit black energy bolts, a force field capable of emitting energy beams strong enough to obliterate mountains in one hit, and energy shockwaves and hurricane-force winds from below the head section.
  • Bomber Seijin: Appears in episode 43. Powers include flight, spawning explosions around him, and a nuclear bomb within his body.
  • Battle Robo: Appear in episode 44. Powers include flight and a beam machine gun.

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