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Brandon West

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District created  1968
Last contested  2016
Census division  Brandon
First contested  1969
Census subdivisions  Brandon
Brandon West
Legislature  Legislative Assembly of Manitoba
MLA  Reg Helwer Progressive Conservative

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Brandon West is a provincial electoral division in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It encompasses half of the City of Brandon, the other half being represented in Brandon East.


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Historical riding

The original riding of Brandon West existed from 1886 to 1888, after the City of Brandon was divided into two electoral divisions. It was eliminated in 1888, when the city became a single division again.

Current riding

The modern riding of Brandon West was created in 1968, when the City of Brandon was again divided into two electoral districts. It was formally brought into being in the provincial election of 1969.

The riding is surrounded by Brandon East to the east and by Minnedosa in all other directions. The City of Brandon itself is located in the southwestern region of the province.

The riding's population in 1996 was 19,808. In 1999, the average family income was $56,860, and the unemployment rate was 6.30%. The service sector accounts for 16% of industry in the riding, followed by health and social services at 15%.

Brandon West includes the more economically advantaged section of Brandon, and usually elected Progressive Conservative members from 1969 to 1999. It was sometimes said that Brandon West voters elected Tories and Brandon East voters elected New Democrats to ensure that the city would have a member on the government side regardless of the provincial outcome.

Scott Smith of the New Democratic Party won the seat in 1999, and retained it with over 60% of the vote in 2003. However, he lost the seat to Progressive Conservative candidate Rick Borotsik by just 56 votes.


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