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Bradley Eustace

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Residence  Brisbane, Australia
Nationality  Australian

Name  Bradley Eustace
Role  Composer
Born  12 July 1978Cairns, Australia
Occupation  Composer, arranger, teacher, music technology specialist, performer

Archelle Digital Piano Recital

Bradley Grant Eustace (12 July 1978) is an Australian composer, arranger, publisher and pianist. He works closely with modern technology, exploring the performance potential of MIDI. He is the author of several books on organ sold mainly in England and has developed software for music teachers and students from the new learner to the advanced student sitting for various music exams. Eustace created a collection entitled the Bradley Eustace Digital Music Library, which is a set of piano print music books featuring audio backing tracks in CD and SMF (Standard MIDI File) format. Many of Eustace's works are listed in the Australian Music Examinations Board, Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts and St Cecilia School of Music examination syllabi.


Early life and education

Eustace was born in Cairns on 12 July 1978, the son of Robert and Rita Eustace. Eustace started electronic organ at the age of 8. At 9 years old, he started lessons on piano, clarinet and recorder. Then at 12, he started lessons on flute which then followed with lessons on bass clarinet at 14 years. He attended Trinity Beach State School which was followed by Trinity Bay State High School, Cairns. At age 15, received his first Associate diploma from the Yamaha Music Foundation, with following years receiving Associate and Licentiate diploma from the Australian Music Examinations Board, Advanced Diploma of Educational Technology, from the Australian Guild Conservatorium, Graduate Certificate of Music Technology and then Masters of Music Technology from the Newcastle University.


Eustace has arranged and composed music mostly for the piano, digital piano and digital keyboard. The Bradley Eustace Digital Music Library are a collection of seven books for beginner to advanced piano, digital piano and digital keyboard students. Each book is centred on a level of difficulty and includes original compositions and arrangements of well-known classical and traditional pieces fused into a contemporary style.


Bradley Eustace has been nominated as the top five in the Classical/Jazz section of the 2008 National Music Oz Awards.


Spiritanious, Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (original work) (2006–2008)


Five-note finger position pieces for beginner piano and keyboard student
"Ode to Hipno" – arrangement of Ode to Joy by Beethoven (2001)
Jingle Blues – arrangement of Jingle Blues by Traditional (2001)
Scarborough Fair – arrangement Traditional (2001)
Disco Groove – composition exercise – original (2001)
Mary Rap – arrangement of Mary Had a Little Lamb Traditional (2001)
Twinkle Snap – arrangement of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star by Mozart (2001)
First Time Blues – composition exercise – original (2001)
Fantasy on Aura Lee – arrangement of Traditional piece (2001)
Millennium – original work (2001)


Five-note finger position pieces for beginner piano and keyboard student
La Bamba – arrangement of Traditional piece (2002)
Rockin' On – original work (2002)
Aquarium – arrangement of Aquarium by Saint-Saëns (2002)
Symphony on a Minuet – arrangement of Minuet in G by Bach (2002)
Amazing Grace – arrangement of a piece by Newton (2002)
Polovetzian Dance – arrangement of a piece by Borodin (2002)
Sad – original work (2002)
Pop Goes the Bop! – SOLO/DUET – arrangement of Pop Goes the Weasel by Traditional (2002)


Beginner to intermediate pieces for piano and keyboard
Chop Rock – arrangement of "Chop Sticks" by Traditional (2004)
Sakura – arrangement of traditional Japanese Folk Song (2004)
On Top of Old Smokey – arrangement of traditional piece (2004)
Motor Mania – original work (2004)
Tribal Dance – original work (2004)
Waltzing Matilda – arrangement of traditional Australian song (2004)
Kid Adventure – arrangement of various traditional songs (2004)
Amazing Grace – DUET – arrangement of Newton (2004)


Intermediate pieces for piano and keyboard
Millennium Fanfare – original work (2003)
Prelude-Ave Maria – arrangement of the two pieces by Bach (2003)
For Elise – arrangement of For Elise by Beethoven (2003)
Tango-Rama – arrangement of "Organ Symphony No. 3" by Saint-Saëns (2003)
Digital Dance – original work (2003)
Sunshade Boogie – DUET/QUARTET – arrangement of In the Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg (2003)


Intermediate to advanced pieces for piano and keyboard
Prelude – original work (2001)
Beethoven Funky Five – arrangement of Symphony Number Five by Beethoven (2001)
Cosmoses – original work (2001)
Sunshade Boogie – arrangement of In the Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg (2001)
Free Hong Kong – original work (2001)


Advanced pieces for piano and keyboard
Greensleeves – arrangement of Traditional piece (2000)
Tribute to Diana – original work (2000)
Sabre Dance – arrangement of Sabre Dance by Khachaturian (2000)
The House of the Rising Sun – arrangement of Traditional piece (2000)
Jumping Jack – original work (2000)


Advanced pieces for piano and keyboard
The Spirit of the Flame – original work (2002)
X-Theme – arrangement of Theme by Paganini (2002)
Bali Spirit – original work (2002)
Toccata in Funk – arrangement of Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Bach


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