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Blutonium Boy

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Name  Blutonium Boy

Role  Record Producer
Blutonium Boy Blutonium Boy is he special hardstyle

Albums  Sound Like This / Euphobia
Similar People  DJ Neo, DJ Pavo, Daniele Mondello, Technoboy, Max B Grant

Episode 8 blutonium boy battle of the basses podcast

Dirk Adamiak (born 1970), better known by his stage name Blutonium Boy, is a hardstyle producer and DJ from Germany. He started playing as a DJ in 1988.


Episode 5 blutonium boy battle of the basses podcast


In 1986, Blutonium Boys began his DJ career in a small club in southern Germany, which he left in 1988. In the same year he played in front of 2,500 visitors and received the first booking requests from abroad. In 1997, he founded the record label Blutonium Records, where he released his first work Dreams in my Fantasy, as DJ Session One. The worldwide marketing via EastWest (Warner) with airplay on Viva helped him to the breakthrough.

Blutonium Boy Blutonium Boy Reverze Bass Official Video Aftermovie Kings Of

In the following years Blutonium Records developed into the Blutonium Media Germany Group, which has now published more than 170 works with several sub-labels and operates a social network for musicians under the name Blupile.

Blutonium Boy Hardstyleindustrycom Blutonium Boy Biography

In November 2008 EMI Germany released a best-of-hardstyle, which includes four mixed CDs from the repertoire of Blutonium Records. In collaboration with EMI, a series of hardstyle compilations under the name Blutonium Presents Hardstyle was released in Germany and Australia.

Blutonium Boy Somewhere in Italy Blutonium Boy Eric Bazilian Where Did i Go

In the summer of 2009, Blutonium Boy announced that his career as a hardstyle DJ temporarily paused. His compositional Hardstyle series is directed by the Dutch Hardstyle duo Showtek. Hardstyle Vol. 18 was the last compilation he created.

Since July 17, 2012, Blutonium Boy has officially returned and released the single Hardstyle Instructor is back with this date and was also responsible for the compilation Hardstyle 10 Years released on November 23, in 2013 the compilation series Hardstyle with Hardstyle Vol 26, which was previously continued by Showtek, is continued.

Blutonium Records

Adamiak founded Blutonium Records in 1996, which up to 2011 produced 160 releases. Blutonium Records later became a division of Blutonium Media Germany, with 6 sublabels. The sublabels are Blutonium Traxx, Dance 2 Trance, Pumping Trance, Q-Asar, Trianon Records and BAM Recordings. Since Blutonium Records isn't producing trance anymore, but hardstyle, the production of trance is in the hands of the sublabels. In December 2005 Blutonium Records released its 100th vinyl.


  • Hardstyle Dimension
  • Essential Of Hardstyle Vol. 1-5
  • Essential Of Hardstyle Vol. 6
  • Early Hardstyle 100 Vol. 1
  • Hardstyle Is My Life
  • Singles and EPs

  • Brainshooter
  • Trancin Your Mind
  • Higher Level (feat. DJ Neo)
  • Go Burn A Fatty Ass (feat. Thomas Trouble)
  • Make It Loud
  • Hardstyle Nation (feat. DJ Neo)
  • Hardstyle Instructor
  • Paranoid (feat. DJ Virus)
  • Follow Me
  • Hardstyle Instructor Part 2
  • Hard Creation (feat. DJ Virus)
  • Floorkilla (feat. DJ Pavo)
  • Bullshit (feat. Max B. Grant)
  • Legalize (feat. John Ferris)
  • Make It Louder
  • Alarma (feat. Thomas Trouble)
  • Acid & Bass
  • Hardstyle And Acid (feat. John Ferris)
  • Hardstyle Rockers / Supreme (feat. DJ Pila)
  • Inferno / To The Bassline (feat. Romeo Must Die)
  • This Is My Floor (feat. DJ Pavo)
  • Acid Over Sydney / Back
  • In Touch With Tomorrow / Kick This M.F.
  • Dark Angel (Remix EP)
  • Dark Angel / Hardstyle Instructor Returns
  • Blackout / Fear (feat. Luna)
  • Use Me / XTC
  • Hardstyle Superstar / eBeat
  • Sound Like This / Euphobia
  • Play This Song PTS
  • Echoes 2009 (feat. Pavo)
  • All Your Bass 2010 (feat. Flarup)
  • Make It Loud 2012 (incl. Headhunterz Remix)
  • New York New York / Survivor
  • US Hardstyle MF**
  • Hardstyle Instructur Is Back
  • Holding Out For A Hero (feat. Bonnie Tyler)
  • Dancing For Love
  • I AM (feat. Raw Editors & Audionator)
  • Reverze Bass
  • Spooky Melo
  • Where Did I Go (feat. Eric Bazilian)
  • Dancing For The Love (feat. Eric Bazilian)
  • Hard Sound (feat. Daniele Mondello)
  • Hard As Hell (feat. Daniele Mondello)
  • Believe In Me (feat. Bonnie Tyler)
  • Everything (feat. Haddaway)
  • Wild Wild Baby (feat. Haddaway)
  • Sentenced
  • Rock The Dolls
  • Echoes 2K14 (feat. Eric Bazilian)
  • Drop That Shit
  • Fantasize
  • Turn On The Radio (feat. Express Viviana)
  • Who Is It (feat. Psytrex DJ)
  • Explosion
  • Hardstyle MC (feat. Danielle Mondello)
  • Hardstyle & Acid Rekick (feat. Audionator)
  • Brainshooter 3000
  • Turn Up The Bass (EDM/Bigroom)
  • Superchords
  • U Got 2 Let The Bass Kick
  • Holding Out For A Hero 2K15 (feat. Bonnie Tyler)
  • Breaking Up (feat. Chris Crusher)
  • Can You Hear Me?
  • Twisted (feat. Van Snyder) (EDM/Bigroom)
  • Just Boof It
  • Dirty Drop (EDM/Bigroom)
  • Your Time (EDM/Bigroom)
  • Compilations

  • Blutonium pres. Hardstyle Vol. 1-2
  • Blutonium pres. Hardstyle Vol. 3-4
  • Blutonium pres. Hardstyle Vol. 5-7
  • Blutonium pres. Hardstyle Vol. 8-10
  • Blutonium pres. Hardstyle Vol. 11-13
  • Blutonium pres. Hardstyle Vol. 14-15
  • Blutonium pres. Hardstyle Vol. 16-18
  • Blutonium & DMW pres. Hardstyle Vol. 19-21
  • Blutonium & DMW pres. Hardstyle Vol. 22-24
  • Blutonium & DMW pres. Hardstyle Vol. 25
  • Blutonium & DMW pres. 10 Years Hardstyle
  • Blutonium pres. Hardstyle Vol. 26
  • Blutonium pres. Hardstyle Vol. 27
  • Blutonium Boy Remixes

  • Yoji Biomehanica - Monochroma (Blutonium Boy Remix)
  • Mo-Do - Eins Zwei Polizei (Blutonium Boy Remix)
  • Raveboy - Dancing Through The Night (Blutonium Boy Remix)
  • Audionator - The Devil Inside (Blutonium Boy Remix)
  • Headhunterz and Crystal Lake - Live Your Life (Blutonium Boy Remix)
  • References

    Blutonium Boy Wikipedia

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