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Blood Surf

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Genre  Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Country  United States
3.2/10 IMDb

Director  James D.R. Hickox
Music director  Jimmy Manzie
Language  English
Blood Surf movie poster
Writer  Sam Bernard, Robert L. Levy
Release date  December 4, 2000 (2000-12-04) United Kingdom June 26, 2001 (2001-06-26) United States
Initial DVD release  December 4, 2000 (United Kingdom)
Cast  Kate Fischer (Cecily Howard), Duncan Regehr (John Dirks), Matt Borlenghi (Zack Jardine), Joel West (Jeremy), Taryn Reif (Arti), Maureen Larrazabal (Lemmya Lofranco)
Similar movies  Mad Max: Fury Road, Knock Knock, Ice Age, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Silent Hill
Tagline  Ride the next wave in terror.

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Blood Surf (also known by its original title, Krocodylus) a 2000 horror film directed by James D.R. Hickox. It was released in the United States on June 26, 2001 but was released earlier in some countries. The plot of the movie entails a pair of entrepreneurs with more bravery than brains hit upon the idea of blood surfing: spreading chum in the water in order to attract sharks, then hopping on a surfboard and riding through the middle of the pack. As they are filming their promotional documentary, the fun gets interrupted by a thirty-foot long salt water crocodile that begins snacking on everyone in the expedition.


Blood Surf movie scenes


The film opens with John's vision of screaming people in the water and being killed by something under the water. A plane full of people getting psyched up to try Blood Surfing at some remote island known for its sea surfing locale lands on water. A documentary is planned on the blood surfing exploits of Bog (Dax Miller) and Jeremy (Joel West) who is known for extreme sports, with camera operator Cecily (Kate Fischer) and her boyfriend/producer Zack (Matthew Borlenghi). As the film progresses Cecily's interest in Bog develops.

After arriving the group decides to head to shark rich waters by a remote island, so they contact local guide John (Duncan Regehr) and his girlfriend Arty (Taryn Reif). John at first refuses to go, but then relents and accepts the job on the condition his sail team come along, including the young Lemmya (Maureen Larrazabal) who is attracted to Jeremy. The group heads out to the shark zone, despite John being plagued by visions of screaming swimmers being devoured by something in the water. Clumps of meat is thrown in to attract the sharks while Bog and Jeremy suit up, slit their feet, and begin surfing among a group of sharks. While taking a break from the shoot, at the beach they saw a shark is eaten by something gigantic and fills the ocean water. The group wisely call it a day.

On another part of the island nearby Jeremy and Lemmya have sex, as her parents Melba (Susan Africa) and Sonny (Chris Vertido), are devoured by the crocodile and the boat wrecked. Lemmya heads to the water to bathe without realizing the danger and is attacked. The remaining crew go back for the boat but find it wrecked. Bog went underwater for the camera. They are chased by the beast that came out from under the water. As they escape to the beach on the other side of the island they are taken captive by local pirates.

As one of them is trying to have his way with Cecily the beast jumps out of the water and eats him. In the ensuing chaos Bog with Zack and Jeremy throws the bandits into the sea. The pirate leader shoots and hits the boat's fuel tank, forcing Bog and company to abandon ship. They are picked up by John and Arty. In revenge for the deaths that happened sometime in his past, John goes back for the beast. Zack wants to film the killing, but John denies him. In the chaos when the beast is harpooned, Jeremy gets eaten. John beaches the ship on a coral reef while trying to outrun the beast.

John wires the boat to explode. The beast attacks before he can finish, tearing him in half, The surviving pirate leader knocks out Arty and then tries to rape Cecily. Cecily starts talking dirty saying things like "I want it" to trick him. Cecily deliberately steps on the line that triggers a spear trap that John left behind killing the pirate. Then she goes to wake Arty. The girls walk further inland and find a temple on the island, with no sign of any predators. The beast comes to attack them. They jumped into the nearby river and since they are in freshwater, the beast would not go near them.

Bog recovers the explosives from the wrecked boat, and is reunited with Cecily and Arty. He baits the beast to an unstable wall and uses the explosives to bring the wall crashing down on the creature. Arty believing the beast is dead starts kicking it and in a swift move it opens its mouth and devours her. Bog and Cecily starts running with the beast in close pursuit until the beast leaps and gets impaled through its stomach by a sharp protruding rock, ending its reign of terror. Bog and Cecily rest on the other side of the river bank and starts kissing as they celebrate, the camera slowly pans over to reveal the flowing water along the river.


  • Dax Miller as Bog Hall
  • Kate Fischer as Cecily Herrold (credited as Katie Fischer)
  • Duncan Regehr as John Dirks
  • Matthew Borlenghi as Zack Jardine (credited as Matt Borlenghi)
  • Joel West as Jeremy
  • Taryn Reif as Arty
  • Maureen Larrazabal as Lemmya Lofranco
  • Chris Vertido as Sonny Lofranco
  • Susan Africa as Melba Lofranco
  • Archie Adamos as Joker
  • Rolly Sto. Domingo as Rolly
  • Malecio Amayao as Boat Man
  • Pirates

  • Allen Chen
  • Rudy Castillo
  • ├ôscar Navarro
  • Reynaldo T. Casuco
  • David Weisman (uncredited)
  • Teenagers

  • Kristine Chieng
  • Inka Wollenberg
  • Andre Wollenberg
  • Scott McCormick
  • Movie stills from blood surf 2000


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