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Blazing the Crop

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Blazing the Crop (1999)  Sleepwalking (2001)
Release date  1999
Label  Disco Mix Club
Artist  Rae & Christian
Producer  Rae & Christian
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Released  20 September 1999 (UK) 23 May 2000 (U.S.) 23 April 2002 (Re-release)
Genres  Hip hop music, Electronica
Similar  Sleepwalking, Northern Sulphuric Soul, Another Late Night: Rae & Ch, Nocturnal Activity

Rae christian blazing the crop

Blazing the Crop was the first DJ mix album, mixed by Rae & Christian. It was released by Mixmag Live in association with their publishing company DMC Publishing in 1999 in the UK. An unmixed vinyl version was also released.


In the United States, the CD was released by Mixmag's American sister company Mixer via Moonshine Music label in 2000. It was re-released in 2002 by the Razor & Tie label for, under the alternative title Mixer Presents: Rewind by Rae & Christian, with a different sleeve.

On their second studio album, Sleepwalking (2001), the opening track was entitled "Blazing the Crop". This track was also included on the 2002 Ministry of Sound compilation album, "Ultimate Chillout".

Play on rae christian feat jungle bros


  1. "Play On" (Watch Out for This! Mix) - Rae & Christian (featuring Jungle Brothers)
  2. "Funky for You" (Spacehopper Mix) - Deadbeats
  3. "Planetary Deadlock" - Beanfield
  4. "S and M on the Rocks" - Swollen Members
  5. "Can't Stop" - Constant Deviants / "Crazy Rhymin" (A Capella) - Only Child (featuring Kriminul)
  6. "Me and Him" - Porn Theatre Ushers / "Ain't Got Time to Waste" (A Capella) - Aim (featuringYZ)
  7. "All My People" (Body Rock Party Break) - Mos Def / "Ain't Got Time to Waste" (A Capella) - Aim (featuringYZ)
  8. "Just Passin' Through" - Aim
  9. "For Claudia" - Face & Feline
  10. "Spandex Man" - Mr Scruff
  11. "Time to Shine" - Rae & Christian
  12. "People" - Riton
  13. "Rock" - DJ Spinna
  14. "My Part of Town" - Tuff Crew
  15. "Get a Move On" - Mr Scruff
  16. "Bacalau" - Rae & Christian
  17. "Young and Holtful" - Young-Holt Unlimited

Unmixed vinyl version

  1. "Bacalau" - Rae & Christian
  2. "My Part Of Town" - Tuff Crew
  3. "Spandex Man" - Mr Scruff
  4. "Time To Shine" - Rae & Christian
  5. "S & M On The Rocks" - Swollen Members
  6. "Funky For You" (Spacehopper Remix) - Deadbeats
  7. "People" - Riton
  8. "All My People" (Body Rock Party Break) - Rawkus (remixed by Dr Luke)
  9. "For Claudia" - Face & Feline
  10. "Planetary Deadlock" - Beanfield
  11. "Get A Move On" - Mr Scruff
  12. "Young & Holtful" - Young Holt Unlimited


1Play On (Watch Out for This! mix)Jungle Brothers5:49
2Funky for You (Spacehopper Mix)Deadbeats3:42
3Planetary DeadlockBeanfield3:10


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