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5.8/10 Alchetron

Cinematography  Lawrence Bannon
Initial release  25 July 1984 (Italy)
Music director  Fabio Frizzi
5.7/10 IMDb

Edited by  Bob Wheeler
Director  Lamberto Bava
Blastfighter Blastfighter 1984 Bluray Review The Action Elite
Written by  Luca von Ryt Max von Ryt
Starring  Michael Sopkiw Valerie Blake George Eastman Stefano Mingardo
Music by  Fabio Frizzi (as Andrew Barrymore)
Release date  Italy: July 25, 1984 (1984-07-25)
Screenplay  Massimo de Rita, Luca De Rita
Story by  Dardano Sacchetti, Morando Morandini Jr.
Cast  Michael Sopkiw, George Eastman, Valentina Forte, Michele Soavi, Stefano Mingardo
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Blastfighter is a 1984 Italian action film by Lamberto Bava starring Michael Sopkiw and George Eastman. Its original title in Italy was Force of Vengeance, and in France it was released as Blastfighter: The Executioner.


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Jake "Tiger" Sharp (Michael Sopkiw) is a former policeman who seeks revenge after his wife is murdered. After killing the murderer, Sharp is sentenced to seven years in prison. Upon release Jake is given a Spas-12 Shotgun by his old friend Jerry in order to wreak vengeance upon the crooked attorney responsible for sending him away. However, Jake instead at the last minute decides to return to his secluded cabin in the Appalachian wilderness and bury his gun in the floorboards. Matters become complicated when a group of poachers run afoul of him and kill his baby deer. Jake goes to the Chinese herbal medicinist's office that the hunters have been selling to and smashes up the place.

Jake's estranged daughter Connie then joins him with Jerry and her boyfriend, but all of them are killed off when the hunters decide to get revenge for scaring away the herbal medicinist. Jake manages to escape back to his cabin and dig up his gun for one last battle with those who would break the law.


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Blastfighter was originally penned as a science fiction film but this idea was scrapped due to filming difficulties and budgetary concerns.


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In Italy, a DVD was released as a wide screen double disc edition. In the United Kingdom there were Betamax, VHS and now DVD versions which are dubbed.

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