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Big Order

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Written by
Sakae Esuno

English publisher
Directed by
Nobuharu Kamanaka

Monthly Shōnen Ace

Published by
Sakae Esuno

Big Order Crunchyroll quotBig Orderquot TV Anime Visuals Showcased

Original run
November 2011 – September 2016

Future Diary, Bakuon!!, Flying Witch, Haven't You Heard? I, Anne Happy

Manga review big order

Big Order (ビッグオーダー, Biggu Ōdā) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno. It was serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's Shōnen Ace magazine between the November 2011 and September 2016 issues. The manga is licensed in North America by Yen Press. An original video animation episode by Asread was released on October 3, 2015. A 10-episode anime television series adaptation aired in Japan between April and June 2016.


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Order users have the ability to grant their wishes with their special powers called Orders. Eiji Hoshimiya is responsible for the Great Destruction that happened exactly ten years ago because of his wish, which is why he refuses to use his power. When the transfer student Rin Kurenai makes a move on him and kidnapped his sister, Eiji's life as an Order user begins.

Main characters

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Eiji Hoshimiya (星宮エイジ, Hoshimiya Eiji)
Voiced by: Masakazu MoritaAt first, he believes that when he was a kid, what he wished for when he was approached by Daisy was the destruction of the world, but, after being targeted to be assassinated by Rin, he remembers that what he wished for was world domination. Due to his wish, he gains the ability to control anything, living and non-living, as long as they are in his domain, that is, places he has placed his 'anchor' and 'wire' on. He places Rin under his control after he and his sister were about to be killed by her and ordered her to be his companion. He also becomes the leader of the infamous organization, "Dazaifu Government Organization" that seeks to create an independent country by declaring war on other countries. Eiji decides to rule this organization to create a world where his sister, Sena would be safe. He falls in love with Rin at first sight and spares her life when she tries to assassinate him.
Big Order Big Order Makes Future Diary Look Like a Literary Masterpiece

At first, he thought his wish was to destroy the world, then to rule it (due to his inspiration of a favorite supervillain), but these ideas were all wrong as his memories were tampered with and nor was Bind Dominator his power. His true power is "Illegal Digger", which allows him to steal the power and memories from another. His wish was "to take Sena's fault".

Rin Kurenai (紅鈴, Kurenai Rin)
Voiced by: Shiori MikamiA transfer student in Eiji's class. Rin is targeting Eiji due to the Great Destruction 10 years ago that killed her parents in a fire. Her Order is healing ability - she can heal herself as well as other people and things. She slowly develops feelings for him, and they progress further after learning the truth. Once a temporary member of the UN Dept of Public Safety due to Gennai's control over her but more loyal to Sena. Now she works with Eiji, determined to kill Sena for causing the First Great Destruction.
Sena Hoshimiya (星宮瀬奈, Hoshimiya Sena)
Voiced by: Misaki KunoEiji's younger stepsister. She is hospitalized due to an undefined illness. Revealed to be the one who caused the Great Destruction by her wish: Me, Mama, Papa, and Eiji to be together forever. Bind Dominator was originally hers, but Eiji's ability, Illegal Digger, stole both her powers and memories of the incident. Was used as the key to open the Gate, but after it failed, she was believed to be dead. However, she's revealed to be alive and creating more Orders instead of Daisy.

Dazaifu's Group of Ten

The members are ordered from First Hand to Tenth Hand. The goal was using Eiji as a puppet leader to make Japan an independent state again by declaring wars. However, their true goal was preventing Gennai from evoking another Great Destruction. After preventing the Second Great Destruction, they decided to slowly disband.
Raidō Fuwa (不破 雷同, Fuwa Raidō)
Voiced by: Mitsuru MiyamotoThe First Hand. His ability is to stop any act of combat/war, including stopping grenades from exploding.
Benkei Narukami (鳴神弁慶, Narukami Benkei)
Voiced by: Fumihiko TachikiThe Second Hand. A honorable ninja warrior. His ability, "Battle-On: Aramitama" is to pulverize anything at an atomic level, including nuclear missiles.
Yoshitsune Hiiragi (柊義経, Hīragi Yoshitsune)
Voiced by: Shinnosuke TachibanaThe Third Hand. A LT. Colonel who is the acting leader of the Group of Ten and has a bird creature on his shoulder. Appears to be deceitful and calculating with his own agenda, esp. with Eiji. His wish was "to deny the world", which resulted in his ability: "Fact to Fiction": the ability to call the truth bull - in other words, a reality warping ability with limited range that undoes events by calling them fiction and bestow events by calling them facts. Currently missing after the failed Second Destruction.
Iyo (壱与)
Voiced by: Azusa TadokoroThe Fourth Hand. A girl whose Order is seeing the future. She also the one who 'found' Eiji. Anyone who touches her ribbon, that acts like rabbit ears/antennas, will cause her to rapidly become pregnant and soon give birth, which will result in the loss of her powers, although the baby will disappear after a while if not given birth to. She eventually has romantic feelings for Eiji and becomes a love rival with Rin. Her ability is "Star Seeker": the power of Divination. She once combined her ability with Eiji's ability. Originally known as "Subject #23" of the Hoshimiya Agency.
Taikei Nehara (根原 大系, Nehara Taikei)
Voiced by: Hirokazu HiramatsuThe Fifth Hand. A tall member who is considered the trump card of the Group of Ten. His ability is called "Apoptosis Bomb", which allows him to offer his life to destroy a target with absolute certainty (it can only be used once). His wish was to "save everyone and everything." He used his ability to prevent the Second Destruction when the gate opened - limiting it to just the destruction of Nara.
Lauryn Wright (ローリン・ライト, Rōrin Raito)
Voiced by: Makoto IshiiThe Sixth Hand. A young man whose ability is called "Skyfish Free", which gives him the ability of flight, also possibly extended to other people and may possess super strength, as he helped stop the rock god's fist with Benkei. His wish was "flying in the sky".
Kokudo Soumoku (草木 国土, Sōmoku Kokudo)
Voiced by: Norio WakamotoThe Seventh Hand.
Nene Minamoto (源 寧々, Minamoto Nene)
Voiced by: Aya UchidaThe Eighth Hand. A small young girl.
Mari Kunou (久能マリ, Kunō Mari)
Voiced by: Saori HayamiThe Ninth Hand. The most mature female and an acting coordinator. Her ability is "Curve Ray", the ability to manipulate light - can also be used to create lasers, optical camouflage, view distant objects, etc. Her wish was to "see the light", due to her poor eyesight.
Ayahito Sundan (寸断殺人, Sundan Ayahito)
Voiced by: Yū HayashiThe Tenth Hand. Apparently appears to be a psycho who was "subject #1" of the Hoshimiya Agency. Views Eiji as a god as the first Great Destruction granted him his freedom. His ability appears to be a dimensional warp gate that involves zippers. He is currently missing after the Second Great Destruction.


Voiced by: Mari MisakiThe one who grants wishes and Orders to people. She decides to stick with Eiji due to her fascination with his power. Later revealed to be a program that can interact with people's desires and make them come true, also acting as a communication system for long-distance orders. States that Gennai is her "father" as he created her..
Gennai Hoshimiya (星宮源内, Hoshimiya Gennai)
Voiced by: Satoshi TsuruokaEiji's father and Sena's stepfather, who was thought to be dead during the Great Destruction, but it is revealed by both Daisy and Hiiragi that he is alive and the one who created Daisy. Originally the Director of the Hoshimiya Agency, whose goal was to convert human thoughts into energy, and now acting Vice-Director of the UN Dept of Public Safety. His goal was to sacrifice Sena to open a Gate that will unlock a new world that can make everyone's wish come true - but doing so will create another Great Destruction. His ability is called "Mind Set", which allows him to control people within his 2 meter territory, but still have control over them when they leave his territory (proof of this is that the people have a star-like pupil in their right eye, just like Daisy's). His wish was for the "bliss and harmony of everyone". He was shot protecting Sena from Hiiragi, and said that he was a fool but wanted to see his experiment unfold.
Kagekiyo Tairano (平景清, Tairano Kagekiyo)
Voiced by: Hitomi HaradaIs a woman who once was an adversary of Eiji and his group, she fights with a hammer and has control over a rock golem. After she is defeated, she joins up with them. She creates a strong bond with Rin, due to the fact that they both hate Eiji.
Abraham Louis Fran (アブラアン・ルイ・フラン, Aburaan Rui Furan)
Voiced by: Tarusuke ShingakiA subordinate under the Group of Ten. His ability is "Time Stop": the ability to stop time on a maximum of three targets, such as Sena to stop the progress of her disease. Later during the UN's secret police invasion, it is revealed he is under Gennai's control and takes Sena.


Big Order is written and illustrated by Sakae Esuno. It was serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's Shōnen Ace magazine between the November 2011 and September 2016 issues. Kadokawa Shoten published 10 tankōbon volumes released between December 21, 2011 and September 26, 2016. North American publisher Yen Press announced their license to the series at Anime Expo 2016.


An original video animation (OVA) episode, produced by Asread and directed by Nobuharu Kamanaka, was released on October 3, 2015 with the limited edition of the eighth manga volume. The same staff that produced the OVA returned to produce a 10-episode anime television series adaptation, which aired in Japan between April 16 and June 18, 2016. Crunchyroll will release the series on Blu-ray and DVD with an English dub.

The OVA's theme song is "Geki" () by Yōsei Teikoku. For the anime series, the opening theme is "Disorder" by Yōsei Teikoku, and the ending theme is "Kobore Sekai Oware" (毀レ世カイ終ワレ) by Aki Hata.


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