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Bharti Shriji

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Bharti Shriji



Menhgiba Sirumalani, Thaumal Sirumalani

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Indian Teachers, Preachers & Researchers - Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji (born 15 December 1974) Bhartishriji is an Indian spiritual preacher, who preaches wisdom as propounded by Indian Vedic Philosophy / Vedanta principles & teaches meditation. Her followers address Her as SHRIJI.


Sharnam prernamurti bharti shriji

Personal and Spiritual Life

When asked about Her life, Shriji says, “My Parents have reached the apex of spirituality. Mother is a simple-grounded, affable, thoughtful, learned person having a very strong faith in the divine. On seeing people agonized, She tries to rid them off their sorrows. Values of mother got imprinted on my childhood psyche. As a result, traits like love for divine, selfless service, spiritual orientation developed during the early childhood itself. Divine qualities like fearlessness, courage, concentration, love and compassion got inherited naturally in life. Mother further refined and provided shape to them in a beautiful manner in the same way as a potter gives different colors and shapes to its pitchers. In childhood itself, my spiritual gift from God was becoming more and more visible. At the age of 12, I received Diksha from my Guruji. For a period of 14 years, I did an extensive practice of yoga and mantra-japa while having very less food or one meal a day or just being on fruits. At one point of time, for almost 12 months, I did not sleep during day or night and used to go into deep meditation. At this time, I had gone through a lot of divine experiences. At a very young age I got the opportunity to be with and listen to the discourses of the best Sages and Saints of India like Akhadananda Saraswati, Ananadmayi Maa, Pathik ji Maharaj, Ghaatvale Baba, Brahma Chaitanya Ji Maharaj etc. I had inclination towards spreading awareness for education too, so completed M.Com, while parallelly dwelling for the SELF.

About Her

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Whose life is free from problems, afflictions and pains? Yet, SHE learnt the crucial lessons of life by experiencing the blessings of God in the difficult circumstances and moved ahead.

Bharti Shriji Prernamurti Shriji

SHE has a belief that, if you surrender to and have faith in God, then nothing will ever go wrong with you. Instead, your life will bloom and be graced. None of your near and dear ones can ever take you to the pinnacle where God will place you. Life is not to be wasted in worldly attachments and bondages; instead, it is meant to taste the joy of liberation by being situated in equipoise.

Bharti Shriji Without Guru39s GracePrernamurti Bharti Shriji

Shri Shriji is a born ascetic, an Enlightened Soul. SHE is a combination of the highest cultures of intellect & spirit. SHE is a scholar, scientist, poet, musician & spiritualist of a very high order. Along with HER intellectual culture, SHE has brought Her spiritual development to a very high pitch. SHE perceives things by the light of Her Soul. SHE is one of the greatest apostles of Vedanta, of the present time. SHE is the demonstration of all the Hindu Scriptures. SHE is the live representation of the teachings of Vedas & Bhagwad Gita and Her character is the model for the daily human conduct. As a child – innocent & pleasing; as a friend – cordial and sympathetic; as a scholar – learned and intellectual, and as a sannyasin – noble & sublime. Shri Shriji stands as a beacon-light amidst the billowing ocean of humanity.

Spiritual Activities

Bharti Shriji PRERNAMURTI SHRI BHARTI SHRIJI Nand se narad munimp4

Shri Shriji started preaching devotees from 2004. SHE has divinely melodious voice and used to enthroll Her devotees through Her Bhajans (Devotional Songs) full of Bhakti Ras & Prem Ras sung in Her Satsang. Shriji is the founder of an NGO called Laksh Prerna Divine Foundation which is engaged in innumerable social activities viz.. Ascent of life, Divya Shishu Ratna (Vedic Garbh Vigyan), De-addiction campaigns, Gau Seva etc. Devotees look forward to Her Spiritual discourses full of Indian spiritual wisdom, which are usually conducted on Ekadashi & other auspicious Hindu Festivals.


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