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Country  Nepal
Area  44.7 km2
District  Lamjung District
Founded  15 May 2014

Besishahar (Nepali: ) is a Municipality and the District Headquarter of Lamjung District in Gandaki Zone, Nepal. The Besishahar Municipality was formed by merging the existing Village Development Committees i.e. Besishahar, Gaunshahar, Udipur & Chandisthan in May 15, 2014. Here are different castes and religions. So they have different culture. This Municipality is full of natural beauty. Besishahar Municipality has a warm and sub-tropical type of climate with deciduous forest type. Annapurna II, Machhapuchhre, Lamjung Himal are the beautiful scenes that can be viewed from north of Besishahar Municipality. This Municipality has 14 wards.


Map of Besisahar

Day 3 kathmandu to besisahar and besisahar aazephyrs photos around besisahar nepal

Besisahar lumjung nepal


  • Annapurna Circuit - It is a start point of famous Annapurna Circuit tourist route.
  • Marshyandi River - The Marshyandi River flows north to south in the east of Besishahar Municipality. It is the one of the branch of Gandaki River. The Marshyandi Bridge over the river connects eastern Lamjung. It is located in Besishahar Municipality - 2 - Udipur, Lamjung.
  • The First Royal Palace Of Lamjung - It is also called Lamjung Durbar. It is the birthplace of the Royal family of Lamjung in 1663 AD. Kalu Shah was the fist king. It is also a historically famous place where King Yesho Bramha Shah, the founder of Shah Dynasty in Nepal ruled the small principality of Lamjung. This palace was the capital of Lamjung. This palace stands in Gaunshahar.
  • Gaikhure Jharana - It is located in Besishahar Municipality - 2 - Udipur.
  • Purankot Forth - Used to protect the kingdom of Lamjung. Located near the ruins of Third Royal Palace of Lamjung (the summer home for the royalty).
  • Royal Bath - "Tindhara" meaning three taps, is the mineral spring where the royalty bathed.
  • Hadkhode Dada - The "Bone Hill", was considered a very dangerous place many cattle have died there. Still a place frequented by many eagles.
  • Sutkeri Dunga - The strongest woman in Gaunshahar was said to have placed this very large stone here while pregnant.
  • Dare Gauda - A famous cliff that the Gorkhas army scaled, using long ladders to attack Gaunshahar, burning many houses in the village.
  • Middle Marshyandi Hydro Electricity - 70 Megawatt Mid-Marshyangdi Hydroelectricity Project (MMHEP), the second largest hydropower project in the country has started operation from December 14, 2008. PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) had inaugurated the project. The project was started in June 2001 with joint investments of the Government of Nepal, Germany and Nepal Electricity Authority. It is located in Besishahar Municipality - 2 - Phaliyasanghu, Udipur.
  • Famous Religious & Cultural Landmarks Of Besishahar Municipality

  • Lamjung Kalika Temple - It is a famous, popular, historical & very powerful Hindu goddess temple of Lamjung District located in Gaunshahar. The big sister of the Gorkha Kalika. Open four times a year during festivals(Badha Dashain, Chaitre Dashin, Shree Panchami, and Nuwai).
  • Udipur Kalika Temple - It is a famous, popular & very powerful Hindu goddess temple of Lamjung District located in Besishahar Municipality - 1 - Udipur, Lamjung. Udipur Kalika is popular picnic spot of Lamjung.
  • Chandimai Temple - On the seventh day of Bada Dashain, two priest from Gaunshahar travel to Besisahar to steal fruits and flowers and carry back up to this temple. While a parade of villagers and priests carrying a statue of Phulpati go down from the Royal Palace to meet the "thief priests".
  • Bhimsen Temple - It is located in Besishahar Municipality -10- Besishahar Lamjung
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