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Bernhard Mann

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Name  Bernhard Mann

Role  Politician
Bernhard Mann WN bernhard mann
Books  The Pedagogical and Political Concepts of Mahatma Gandhi and Paulo Freire: A Comparative Study on Developmental and Strategic Political Education in the Third World

Bernhard Mann (born in Stuttgart, Germany, 3 December 1950) is a social scientist, professor of health and social management at the FHM Bielefeld - University of Applied Sciences, former professor of health management and vice-president at the University of Applied Sciences Bamberg, university lecturer of sociology and public health at the University of Koblenz-Landau and at the Berlin School of Public Health - Charité. Medical University. He is a politician, representative of the Social Democratic Party.


Education and career

After college education in London and Paris and the university-entrance diploma in Stuttgart, Bernhard Mann studied political economics, law, sociology, medical sociology and social policy at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg and the University of Göttingen between 1971 and 1977. Mann acquired a master's degree in social sciences]] (M.A.). He could continue his research for PhD in social gerontology and social planning at the University of Kassel, his research for a MPH in public health at Hannover Medical School and his advanced training in total quality management at the Kaiserslautern University of Technology.

Bernhard Mann acted as an assistant professor of sociology in Erlangen-Nuernberg (1978–81) and Konstanz (1991–96), assistant professor of sociology and public health in Bonn (since 1999) and in Koblenz-Landau (since 2001). Mann is a member of the scientific board of the M.A. program for Health Management in Koblenz-Landau. He was elected for certifying the Faculty of Social Sciences in Göttingen and the M.A. program for Health Management in Koblenz-Landau. Together with three colleges, he is editor of the Koblenz memoire for public health and health management, published by LIT (Münster-Berlin-Hamburg-London-Wien-Zürich).

Sociological consultation

Bernhard Mann operated as project manager for public-health-projects for the German health ministry in the case of consulting political refugees, the German family ministry in the case of health promotion with elderly handicaps and the Bavarian social ministry in the case of the social management with elderly handicaps. He was consultant at the Germany Society for Rehabilitation and at the Institute for Vocational Training, Labour Market and Social Policy (INBAS), Offenbach am Main, is senator of the German Association of Sociologists (since 1997) and belongs to the jury in order to select the German city with the best quality of life for the elderly 2010. Mann was appointed to be an honorary judge at the administrative court in Ansbach and Köln, especially in the cases of the procedure for granting the Right of asylum. He is a member of the head of the Social Democratic Party in Unkel, a place Willy Brandt was living and died.

International projects

Mann was funded for international studies in Japan, India, Mexico, England and France. In India he held a research project about the Basic education by Mahatma Gandhi in comparison with the pedagogical concepts by Paulo Freire. In 1996 he was a visiting professor at the University of Edinburgh. From 2003 to 2005 Bernhard Mann was elected as adviser for the Programme national de recherche 45 - Problemes de l´Etat social, Suisse, and in 2009 as adviser for Health Sociology for the European Union at the Republic of Cyprus. Since 2008 he is listed in Marquis Who's Who in the World.

German writer

The research in the view of sociology, public health, social planning and social gerontology is documented in various publications:

Basic Education by Mahatma Gandhi and Education for liberation by Paulo Freire aims to develop the whole personality. The accommodation, adequate supply and health care of political refugees needs to offer psychosocial services. The elderly entering in a retirement home needs to protect their personal and social identity and the support of elderly handicaps in a nursing home require's quality management. In the light of the increasing violence, a burden for the health as the World Health Organization reports, the development of Public Health will be a very important issue.

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  • Works available in German

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