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Gender  Male
Region of origin  Europe
Word/name  Germanic
Pronunciation  /bɜːrnɑːrd/(US) /bɛərnəd/, /bɛərnɑːrd/ (UK, the latter esp. Scotland) French: [bɛʁ.naʁ] Dutch: [ˈbɛrnɑrt]
Meaning  "Strong" or "Brave" as a bear
Related names  Bernie, Barnard, Bearnárd, Bernardo, Beñat, Bernhard, Bernhardt, Bernadette, Berend

The masculine given name Bernard and its variations are of West Germanic origin.


The meaning of the name is from a Germanic compound Bern-hard meaning "bear-hardy/brave/strong", or "hardy/brave/strong as a bear". Bern- is the old form of bear, from West Germanic *beran-.

The name was notably popular among Old Frisian speakers, where the most common spelling was Bernhard.


The following people and items share the name Bernard.

Given name

  • Bernard (bishop of Carlisle) (died 1214), 13th-century Catholic bishop
  • Bernard (bishop of Gaeta) (died c. 1040),
  • Bernard (son of Charles the Fat) (died c. 890), Duke of Alemannia
  • Bernard (bishop of St David's) (1115–1148)
  • Bernard Anício Caldeira Duarte, known simply as "Bernard", Brazilian footballer
  • Bernard Baruch (1870–1965), American financier and political adviser
  • Bernard Berrian (born 1980), American football player
  • Bernard Blaut (1940–2007), Polish football (soccer) player
  • Bernard Boursicot (born 1944), on whom the play M. Butterfly was based
  • Bernard Butler (born 1970), English musician
  • Bernard of Calvo, 13th-century saint and Bishop of Vich
  • Bernard Caprasse (born 1949), Belgian politician
  • Bernard of Carinola (died 1109), 12th-century saint and Bishop of Carinola
  • Bernard Cerquiglini (born 1947), French linguist
  • Saint Bernard of Clairvaux (1090–1153), 12th-century monk and leader of the Cistercians
  • Bernard of Cluny, 12th-century Benedictine monk
  • Bernard of Corleone (1605–1667), Franciscan blessed
  • Bernard Cribbins (born 1928), English children's TV personality, actor and voice artist
  • Bernard Ebbers (born 1941), Fraudster who engineered an accounting fraud at WorldCom while he was its CEO
  • Bernie Ecclestone (born 1930), British business magnate and primary authority in Formula One
  • Bernard Edwards (American football) (born 1969), American football player
  • Bernard Fanning (born 1969), Australian singer (Powderfinger)
  • Bernard T. Feld (1919–1993), 20th century physicist and anti-nuclear activist
  • Bernard Fox (Irish republican) (born 1951), Provisional Irish Republican Army member
  • Bernard Freeman, birth name of American rapper Bun B
  • Bernard Freyberg, New Zealand's most famous soldier and General of World War II
  • Bernard Gui (c. 1260–1331), 14th century inquisitor
  • Bernard Hall (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Bernard Henry (born 1960), American football player
  • Bernard Hinault (born 1954), French cyclist, five time winner of the Tour de France
  • Bernard H. "Johnny" Rogers (1905-1977), American politician
  • Bernard Hopkins (born 1965), professional boxer
  • Bernard of Kilwinning (d. c.1331), Scottish abbot and chancellor
  • Bernard Lagat (born 1974), Kenyan-American distance runner
  • Bernard LeBas (born 1943), American pharmacist and politician
  • Bernie Mac (born Bernard McCullough, 1957–2008), comedian and actor
  • Bernard Madoff (born 1938), American stock broker who engineered a $65 billion Ponzi scheme
  • Bernard Malamud (1914–1986), American writer
  • Bernard Manning (1930–2007), English stand-up comedian
  • Bernard Matthews, English turkey farmer, founder of Bernard Matthews Limited
  • Bernard McGinley, American judge
  • Bernard Ménétrel (1906-1947), French physician and advisor to Marshal Philippe Pétain during World War II.
  • Bernard Montgomery (1887–1976), English military officer
  • Bernard of Menthon (c. 1020–1081), 10th-century monk, namesake of the Great St. Bernard Pass and the St. Bernard dog
  • Bernard of Quintavalle (died 1241), companion of St. Francis of Assisi
  • Bernard Rajzman (born 1957), Brazilian volleyball player
  • Bernard Sachs (1858–1944), American neurologist
  • Bernie Sanders (born 1941), United States Senator from Vermont
  • Bernard Satenstein (1906-1959), American football player
  • Bernard Schuiteman (born 1973), Dutch football (soccer) player
  • Bernard Spilsbury (1877–1947), English pathologist
  • George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950), usually referred to as "Bernard Shaw", Irish playwright, critic, and essayist
  • Bernard Sumner (born 1956), British musician
  • Bernard Tapie (born 1943), French politician
  • Bernie Taupin (born 1950), British songwriter and collaborator with Elton John
  • Bernard Tomic, Australian professional tennis player
  • Surname

  • Alain Bernard (born 1983), French swimmer
  • Carlos Bernard (born 1962), American actor
  • Catherine Bernard (1662–1712), French novelist
  • Cheryl Bernard (born 1966), Canadian curler
  • Claude Bernard (1813–1878), French physiologist
  • Crystal Bernard (born 1961), American actress
  • Dave Bernard (American football) (born 1912), former NFL player
  • David Bernard (cricketer) (born 1981), West Indian cricketer
  • David Bernard (orchestra conductor) (born 1964), American conductor, pianist and clarinetist
  • Ed Bernard (born 1939), American actor
  • Edward Bernard (born 1638), English scholar
  • Émile Bernard (1868–1941), French painter
  • Émile Bernard (composer) (1843–1902), French composer and organist
  • Francis Bernard (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Giovani Bernard, American football player
  • Henry Boyle Bernard (1812–1895), Irish Conservative Party politician, MP for Bandon 1863–68
  • Henry Bernard, designer of the Palace of Europe, the seat of the Council of Europe
  • Hilda Bernard (born 1920), Argentine actress
  • Inayat Bernard, Pakistani Catholic priest, current rector of St. Mary's Minor Seminary, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Jean-Pierre Bernard (born 1933), French actor
  • Jeffrey Bernard (1932–1997), English journalist
  • John Henry Bernard (1860–1927) Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin
  • Léonce Bernard (1943–2013), Canadian politician
  • Lucas M. Bernard, American financial economist
  • Marvin Bernard, American rapper, better known by his stage name Tony Yayo
  • Michel Bernard (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Oliver Bernard (1925–2013), English poet and translator
  • Oliver Percy Bernard (1881–1939), English architect and scenic designer
  • Raymond Bernard (1891 – 1977) French film director and screenwriter
  • Raymond W. Bernard (1903 – 1965) Early 20th-century American alternative health, esoteric writer, author, and mystic
  • Sherman A. Bernard (1925–2012), Louisiana politician
  • Suzanne Bernard (1892-1910), French aviator
  • Tristan Bernard (1866–1947), French playwright & novelist
  • William Bernard (fl. 1849+), 19th-century sailor, miner and resident of San Francisco, better known as the "Barnacle Bill"
  • William Bayle Bernard (1807–1875), American-born London playwright and drama critic
  • William Smyth Bernard (1792–1863), Irish Conservative politician, MP for Bandon 1832–35 and 1857–63
  • Characters

  • Andy Bernard, character on the United States television series The Office
  • Bernard (TV shorts), the curious polar bear from the animation series Bernard
  • Bernard, a mouse from the The Rescuers books and films
  • Bernard, the Sea Hag's pet vulture in the Popeye comics/cartoons
  • Bernard Beasley, a character from the children's programme Bernard's Watch
  • Bernard Bernoulli, a character from Maniac Mansion
  • Bernard Black, a character from Black Books
  • Bernard Marx from Brave New World
  • Bernard Nadler, a character from the television show Lost
  • Bernard the Arch-elf, The Head elf from Disney's Santa Clause Movies
  • Bernard Wiseman, a character from Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket
  • Bernard Woolley, a character from Yes Minister
  • Bernard, a character from Blackadder II, who is usually only called by her title: Nursie
  • Bernard the Bee Boy, a boy raised by bees seen in two commercials for Honey Comb cereal
  • Bernarda Alba, the mother in Federico García Lorca's drama, La casa de Bernarda Alba
  • Bernard Mickey Wrangle, an explosive character from Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins
  • Bernardo, Zorro's companion
  • Bernard "Barney" Fife, deputy sheriff of Mayberry from The Andy Griffith Show.
  • Giant Bernard, wrestling name of Matt Bloom
  • Bernard, a teacher with a mole.
  • Bernard Lowe, a character from Westworld
  • Places

  • Grand Rivers, Kentucky, United States, formerly known as Bernard
  • Companies

  • Société des Avions Bernard, 1920s French aircraft manufacturer
  • Bernard, an Illinois Tool Works company
  • References

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