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Beijing Wushu Team

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Beijing Wushu Team

The Beijing Wushu Team (Chinese: 北京武术队) is a world-renowned wushu team from Beijing, China. The team has produced many famous international stars such as Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Hao Zhihua, Huang Qiuyan, Zhang Hongmei and Wu Jing. The Beijing team members also work with movie producers to make films. Aside from Jet Li, many other athletes have also been featured in movies (e.g. Wang Jue has starred in Shaolin Temple.) Every year, the Beijing Team performs demonstrations of wushu for the citizens of Beijing as well as visiting dignitaries. They have performed for former US President Jimmy Carter as well as many other foreign heads of state when they visited Beijing.



The Beijing Wushu Team was founded in November 1974 by Wu Bin and Li Junfeng as a successor to the Beijing Wushu School. The Beijing Wushu School was created in order to prepare the city of Beijing for the first All China Games. Beijing Sports University (now Beijing Physical Education University) wushu department graduate Liu Peiwei was appointed team leader and coach. After the first All China Games, the team found a home at the Beihai Sports Center, with Liu Peiwei serving as the first director.

In 1963, Beijing Sports University graduate Wu Bin came to the school as a coach, bringing new vitality into the sports school and establishing the foundation for the Beijing Team's later success.

In the nearly three decades since its founding, and through the hard work of the athletes and coaches, the team has achieved remarkable levels of success. From 1974 to 1997, they won the National team championship 11 times. From 1975 to 1985, the Beijing Wushu Team achieved a feat that no team has ever accomplished, before or since – winning the championship for ten consecutive years. The Beijing Wushu Team received 40 individual gold medals during this 10-year reign.

Many of the earlier generations of Beijing Wushu Team athletes have gone on to teach wushu abroad. Many have emigrated to the USA, Australia, Japan and other parts of Asia.

First Generation Beijing Wushu Team

教练: Coaches:

吴彬 中国, 北京 Wu, Bin Beijing, China

李俊峰 德州, 美国 Li, Jun Feng TX, USA

程惠昆 中国, 北京 Cheng, Hui Kun Beijing, China

男 队 员 Men's Team Members

姓名: 现住址: Team Member Names: Currently lives at:

李金恒 美国, 凤凰城 Li, Jin Heng Arizona, USA

严平 中国, 北京 Yan, Ping Beijing, China

董洪林 中国, 北京 Dong, Hong Lin Beijing, China

王群 中国, 北京 Wang, Qun Beijing, China 1960 - 2008

孙建明 日本, 东京 Sun, Jian Ming Tokyo, Japan

王建军 日本, 东京 Wang, Jian Jun Tokyo, Japan

李志洲 新加坡 Li, Zhi Zhou Singapore

杨永立 中国, 北京 Yang, Yong Li Beijing, China

喻绍文 美国, Yu, Shao Wen Oregon, USA

崔亚辉 中国, 北京 Cui, Ya Hui Beijing, China

李连杰 上海,北京 Li, Lian Jie (Jet Li) ShangHai, China

唐来伟 澳大利亚 Tang, Lai Wei Australia

女队员 Women's Team Members

姓名: 现住址: Team Member Names: Currently lives at:

李霞 日本 东京 Li, Xia Tokyo, Japan

戈春艳 新加坡 Ge, Chun Yan Singapore

米金蓓 中国, 北京 Mi, Jin bei Beijing, China

张德华 中国, 北京 Zhang, De Hua Beijing, China 1960 -2008

周京萍 美国, 加州 Zhou, Jing Ping California, USA

黄晓凤 中国, 北京 Huang, Xiao Feng Beijing, China

张桂凤 美国, 马州 Zhang, Gui Feng Maryland, USA

郝志华 美国, 加州 Hao, Zhi Hua(Patti Lee) California, USA

张宏梅 美国, 加州 Zhang, Hong Mei California, USA

黄秋艳 美国, 加州 Huang, Qiu Yan California, USA

王秀萍 中国, 北京 Wang, Xiu Ping Beijing, China

回旭娜 中国, 北京 Hui, Xu Na Beijing, China

吕燕 中国, 北京 Lu, Yan Beijing, China Back to previous page

Beijing Wushu Team Performance Tours

The team has showcased its skills through the Beijing Wushu Team Tour many times over the years. The worldwide tours showcase a mix of veteran athletes and rising stars demonstrating their very best routines. As part of a world tour in 1974, Jet Li was reputed to have performed a two-man fight for US President Richard Nixon on the White House lawn. The Beijing team has toured the USA several times in the 1980s and 1990s and into the current century. In 1995 they performed in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Berkeley, CA and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In 1999 they were invited to perform at Arnold Schwarzenegger's Annual Arnold Classic. The team performed and served as judges for the 1998 and 1999 Collegiate Wushu Championships as well. The 2005 tour saw the team performing in Washington DC, Houston, San Francisco and Los Angeles. In January 2012, the team returned to the United States with a limited four show tour in the San Francisco Bay area.


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