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Battle of Magenta

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4 June 1859

Franco-Sardinian victory

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657 dead3,858 wounded
1,368 dead4,538 wounded4,500 captured

Second Italian War of Indepe, Battle of Solferino, Battle of Palestro, Battle of Montebello, Battle of San Martino

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The Battle of Magenta was fought on 4 June 1859 during the Second Italian War of Independence, resulting in a French-Sardinian victory under Napoleon III against the Austrians under Marshal Ferencz Gyulai.


Battle of Magenta Magenta ferrebeekeeper

It took place near the town of Magenta in northern Italy on 4 June 1859. Napoleon III's army crossed the Ticino River and outflanked the Austrian right forcing the Austrian army under General Gyulay to retreat. The close nature of the country, a vast spread of orchards cut up by streams and irrigation canals, precluded elaborate maneuver. The Austrians turned every house into a miniature fortress. The brunt of the fighting was borne by 5,000 grenadiers of the French Imperial Guard, still mostly in First Empire style uniform. The battle of Magenta was not particularly large, but it was a decisive victory for the French-Sardinian forces. Patrice Maurice de MacMahon was created Duke of Magenta for his role in this battle, and later served as President of the Third French Republic.

The Franco-Piedmontese coalition consisted in overwhelming majority of French troops (1,100 Piedmontese and 58,000 French). Their victory can therefore be considered as mostly a French victory.

Battle of Magenta VaubanToMaginot Battle of Magenta 4th June 1859

The battle of magenta mountain


Battle of Magenta Warfare in the Age of Steam Battle of Magenta 1859

A dye producing the colour magenta was discovered in 1859, and was named after this battle, as was the Boulevard de Magenta in Paris.

Battle of Magenta June 1st Battle of Magenta The English Club

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Battle of Magenta The Battle of Magenta 4th June 1859

Battle of Magenta The Battle of Magenta 4th June 1859


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