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Bad Girls (2012 film)

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Director  Seven Wong
Distributor  Buena Vista
Writer  Teng-Kuei Lu
Language  Mandarin Taiwanese
3/10 IMDb

Genres  Romance Film, Comedy
Country  Taiwan
Bad Girls (2012 film) movie poster
Release date  April 3, 2012 (2012-04-03)
Cast  Ella Chen (A-Dan), Mike He (Justin), Jack Kao Kuo-Hsin (Justin's uncle Matthew and Manager), Chris Wang (The makeup artist)
Similar movies  Mike He appears in Bad Girls and You Deserve To Be Single
Tagline  Bad Girls . SHE

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Bad Girls (simplified Chinese: 女孩坏坏; traditional Chinese: 女孩壞壞; pinyin: Nu hai huai huai) is a 2012 Taiwan romance comedy film starring Ella Chen and Mike He. With Chris Wang, Da Yuan, Beatrice Fang, Jack Kao, Hui-Chen Pan and Toyoharu Kitamura in supporting roles. Directed by Seven Wong.


Bad Girls (2012 film) movie scenes

The movie is about a High School brutish tomboy who accidentally becomes the lead actress of a romantic teen idol movie and falls in love with Taiwan's top male idol.

Bad Girls (2012 film) YESASIA Bad Girls 2012 DVD Malaysia Version DVD Ella SHE

Ella chen new movie bad girls mv in cinemas 31 5 12


Dan (Ella Chen) is a high school tomboy who has developed a mindset that most males are bad and like to bully females because of watching her mother cried over a "bad man movie" when she was young, ever since then she has stood up to any males that bully females. Together with her friends Pei (Da Yuan) and Mi (Beatrice Fang) they formed a group calling themselves "Bad Girls" to stand up for all females that are bullied by males. One day at Dan's school a film crew along with Taiwan's #1 male idol Justin (Mike He) is there to film a romance idol movie, while chasing her younger sister around her school for making fun of her, Dan accidentally stumbles on to the filming area without noticing and injures the lead actress Jessica (Mandy Wei). Justin suggest that Dan become the new lead actress to compensate for injuring Jessica. Dan refuses, denying that she had any fault in what happened but when her school principal threatens to call her mother to school Dan agrees to being the new lead actress. At first she thinks filming a movie will be a piece of cake until she has to put in a lot of effort in acting for her role and experiencing the behind the scenes of what it takes to make a movie. As filming progresses she gets to know Justin better and realizes that his passion is not being an actor but baking. She also starts falling for Justin and realizes that not all males are as bad as she thinks.


  • Ella Chen 陳嘉樺 as Dan 阿丹
  • Mike He 賀軍翔 as Justin 贾斯汀
  • Da Yuan 林盈臻 as Pei 佩佩
  • Beatrice Fang 方志友 as Mi 小米
  • Jack Kao 高捷 as Justin's uncle Matthew and Manager 馬修
  • Hui-Chen Pan 潘麗麗 as Dan's mother 丹媽
  • Chris Wang 宥勝 as the makeup artist 小捲哥
  • Toyoharu Kitamura 北村豐晴 as film director 胖導
  • Megan Wan 萬萱琪 as Dan's younger sister 小希
  • Mandy Wei 魏蔓 as Jessica the original lead actress 潔西卡
  • Lu-Hao Chu 朱陸豪 as Dan's father 丹爸
  • Pao-Chun Wu 吳寶春 as Justin's father 賈斯汀爸
  • Wei-Min Ying 應蔚民 as Mr. Hsieh the town's Mayor 鎮長
  • Mandy Peng 彭曼淩 as Young Dan 小阿丹
  • Daniel Bi 畢曉海 as Young Justin 小賈斯汀
  • Ariel Li 李柏萱 as Young Pei 小佩佩
  • Katrina Yu 余若晴 as Young Mi 小小米
  • Kerr Hsu 許時豪 as movie extra who does not cooperate 那個誰
  • Blair Chang 張珮瑩(小8) as the idol romance film producer 劇中製片
  • Cin-Yu Pan 潘親御 as boy bully 潘帥
  • Soundtrack

  • Bad Girls 坏女孩 by Ella Chen 陳嘉樺
  • Love This Place 初戀的地方 by Teresa Teng 鄧麗君
  • What Is Love 愛像什麼 by Ella Chen 陳嘉樺
  • Know Me Before You Love Me by Ella Chen 陳嘉樺 ft. Tank
  • I Am What I Am 我就是我 by Ella Chen 陳嘉樺
  • Filming locations

  • New Taipei City, Danshui District - Tam-Shui Vocational High School 新北市淡水區淡水商工
  • New Taipei City, Rueifang District - Rueifang District New Taipei City Park 新北市瑞芳區侯硐園區
  • New Taipei City, Pingxi District - Jingtong Train Station 新北市平溪區菁桐車站
  • References

    Bad Girls (2012 film) Wikipedia
    Bad Girls (2012 film) IMDbBad Girls (2012 film)

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