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Australian National AN class

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Power type  Diesel-electric
Total produced  11
Build date  1992/93
Australian National AN class

Builder  Clyde Engineering, Somerton
Serial number  92-1297 to 92-1299 93-1300 to 93-1307
Model  Electro-Motive Diesel JT46C

The AN class are a class of diesel locomotives built by Clyde Engineering, Somerton for Australian National in 1992/93.

They entered service on Australian National's standard gauge network from Broken Hill to Adelaide, Alice Springs and Perth. In 1995 all were leased to National Rail with the transfer of Australian National's interstate operations.

In January 1996 AN10 was destroyed in the Hines Hill train collision. In November 1997 the remaining 10 were sold to National Rail passing to Pacific National with the sale of National Rail in February 2002. In 2004 they began to operate to Darwin following this line opening.

Today AN class locomotives are generally used as trailing locomotives including on The Ghan with one having been suitably repainted. They are commonly used as second locomotives on steel trains in New South Wales, Victoria South Australia and Western Australia.


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