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Aulendorf station

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Station code  226
IBNR  8000014
Address  88326 Aulendorf, Germany
Platforms in use  5
DS100 code  TAU
Category  4
Opened  1849
Aulendorf station
Location  Aulendorf, Baden-Württemberg Germany
Line(s)  Ulm–Friedrichshafen (KBS 751) Herbertingen–Aulendorf (KBS 766) Aulendorf–Hergatz (KBS 753)
Similar  Friedrichshafen Stadt station, Ulm Hauptbahnhof, Lindau Hauptbahnhof, Plochingen station, Memmingen station

wikipedia aulendorf station

Aulendorf station is a junction station on the Württemberg Southern Railway (Südbahn) in the German state of Baden-Württemberg running between Ulm and Friedrichshafen. It was opened in 1847.



The station is located on the eastern edge of the centre of Aulendorf in the district of Ravensburg. On the western side of the station is the central bus station.

The railway station

The station consists of an entrance building and several outbuildings. It has five platform tracks, tracks 1–4 and track 1a (formerly platform 13) to the south of the station.


The Royal Württemberg State Railways opened the Friedrichshafen–Ravensburg section of the Württemberg Southern Railway in 1847 and extended it through Aulendorf to Biberach on 26 May 1849.

In 1869, the Württemberg Allgäu and the Herbertingen–Aulendorf lines were opened and Aulendorf station became the main railway junction in Upper Swabia.

The construction of the railways during a time of great distress in rural Aulendorf kept many people from starvation or emigration. The railway and the post office were the largest employer in Aulendorf at that time.

Rail services

The station is classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 4 station.


In the middle of the day a pair of Intercity services running between Dortmund and Innsbruck stop at Aulendorf station.

Regional services

Aulendorf is the hub of hourly Regional-Express services from Ulm to Friedrichshafen and hourly services towards Sigmaringen and Tübingen. Services run every two hours on the Allgäu Railway towards Hergatz or Kißlegg. Aulendorf is also the starting point of Bodensee-Oberschwaben-Bahn (BOB) services towards Friedrichshafen on the line popularly known as the Geißbockbahn (billy goat railway).


Aulendorf station is served regularly by freight trains.

Services in the station

The station building has a ticket office, a bakery and a kiosk, but no toilet.


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