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Atikamekw language

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Native to  Canada
Native speakers  5,900 (2011 census)
Glottolog  atik1240
Region  Quebec
ISO 639-3  atj
Atikamekw language
Language family  Algic Algonquian Central Cree Atikamekw

Atikamekw (also known as Attikamek, Tête de Boule, Attimewk, Atihkamekw, Atikamek), a variety of the Algonquian language, Cree, is the language of the Atikamekw people of southwestern Quebec. It is spoken by nearly all the Atikamekw, and therefore it is among the indigenous languages least threatened with extinction according to some studies. The Atikamekw reflex of Proto-Algonquian liquid ("L" sound) *l is [ɾ] (spelled 'r'). The corresponding sound in other Cree dialects is [n], [j], [l], or [ð] (it is consistently one of these depending on the dialect). Another way in which Atikamekw is distinctive among dialects of Cree is in having many loanwords from the Anishinaabe language.



Atikamekw is a dialect of Cree, and as such belongs to the Cree-Montagnais-Naskapi dialect continuum, which in turn is classified in the Central branch of the Algonquian languages of the Algic family of languages.


The consonants of Atikamekw are listed below in the standard orthography and with IPA equivalents in brackets:


The vowels of Atikamekw are listed below:


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