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Athyrium niponicum

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Kingdom  Plantae
Order  Athyriales
Genus  Athyrium
Higher classification  Athyrium
Division  Pteridophyta
Family  Athyriaceae
Scientific name  Athyrium niponicum
Rank  Species
Athyrium niponicum plantsrescuecomwpcontentuploads201308Athyri
Similar  Athyrium, Athyrium filix‑femina, Dryopteris erythrosora, Dryopteris, Polystichum

Athyrium niponicum japanese painted fern

Athyrium niponicum, commonly known as Oriental ladyfern, is a species of fern in the genus Athyrium, native to eastern Asia in Japan, northern China, Korea and Taiwan.


It is a deciduous herbaceous plant, with whorls of fronds growing from spreading rhizomes. The fronds are 25-40 cm tall and 15-25 cm broad, pinnate, with 6-10 pairs of pinnae 4-9 cm long and 2-3 cm broad, deeply lobed, bright green with a dark red-brown stem in the wild plant, with the spore-bearing sori on the underside of the fertile pinnae.

The species name is sometimes cited as "nipponicum".

Cultivation and uses

It is grown as an ornamental plant in gardens; several cultivars have been selected, including 'Pictum' (Japanese Painted Fern) with pale silvery-green fronds and a bright red stem, 'Red Beauty' with yellow fronds and a bright red stem, and 'Pictum Cristatum' with crested fronds. 'Metallicum' is noted for its variegated silver, green and red foliage.


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