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Kingdom  Plantae
Higher classification  Polypodiales
Order  Polypodiales
Division  Pteridophyta
Rank  Family
Athyriaceae httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Similar  Blechnaceae, Thelypteridaceae, Dennstaedtiaceae, Aspleniaceae, Dryopteridaceae

Athyriaceae are a family of terrestrial ferns, with a cosmopolitan distribution. It is placed in the eupolypods II clade of the order Polypodiales in the class Polypodiopsida.



Athyriaceae contain the following five genera.

  • Anisocampium
  • Athyrium
  • Cornopteris
  • Deparia
  • Diplazium
  • Athyriaceae have, in the past, included Cystopteris and Gymnocarpium, now part of Cystopteridaceae. Inversely, this family has by some been subsumed in the family Woodsiaceae, but a Woodsiaceae defined in this way may be paraphyletic if it omits the Onocleaceae and Blechnaceae (as of 2006, the evidence was not clear).

    Phylogenic relationships

    The following diagram for the eupolypods II, based on Lehtonen, 2011, and Rothfels & al., 2012, shows a likely phylogenic relationship between Athyriaceae and other families of the eupolypods II clade.

    This phylogenic diagram shows a possible relationship between the genera of the Athyriaceae.


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