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Atelopus barbotini

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Kingdom  Animalia
Class  Amphibia
Family  Bufonidae
Rank  Species
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Anura
Genus  Atelopus
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Similar  Atelopus spumarius, Cayenne stubfoot toad, Atelopus franciscus, Atelopus pulcher, Atelopus spurrelli

Atelopus barbotini

Atelopus barbotini is a species of toad in the family Bufonidae. It is endemic to the uplands of central French Guyana.


The toad was formerly considered part of the Atelopus spumarius. It is not clear whether or not it is a single species or a group of related species. In the past the species has also been called Atelopus flavescens.

Several publications have touched on the subject of Atelopus barbotini. In 2005 Noonan and Gaucher wrote in Molecular Ecology that there was evidence that Atelopus barbotini might not be conspecific with Atelopus spumarius. They didn't make a change to the taxology of the species though. In 2011 Lötters, van der Meijden, et al. argued that Atelopus barbotini and Atelopus spumarius were not conspecific, but that Atelopus flavescens may be conspecific with Atelopus barbotini.

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