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Asparagopsis taxiformis

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Division  Rhodophyta
Order  Bonnemaisoniales
Genus  Asparagopsis
Rank  Species
Class  Florideophyceae
Family  Bonnemaisoniaceae
Scientific name  Asparagopsis taxiformis
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Similar  Asparagopsis, Asparagopsis armata, Bonnemaisoniales, Bonnemaisoniaceae, Galaxaura

Asparagopsis taxiformis, limu kohu formerly A. sanfordiana, is a species of red algae, with cosmopolitan distribution in tropical to warm temperate waters.


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Like many red algae, A. taxiformis has a haplodiplophasic lifecycle, each phase being morphologically distinct. Indeed the species haploid haploid stage was initially described as Falkenbergia hillebrandii (Bornet) Falkenberg 1901 because it was thought to be a separate species.

Culinary uses

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Asparagopsis is one of the most popular types of limu. in the cuisine of Hawaii, principally as a condiment. It is known as Limu kohu in the Hawaiian language meaning "pleasing seaweed". Limu kohu is a traditional ingredient in poke.

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The essential oil of limu kohu is 80% bromoform (tri-bromo-methane). by weight, and includes many other bromine- and iodine-containing organic compounds.

Methane reduction in cattle

Asparagopsis taxiformis Asparagopsis taxiformis

Researchers in 2016 released a study showing that when added to a cow's diet, Asparagopsis taxiformis could reduce methane production by 50%-70%.

Asparagopsis taxiformis Asparagus Seaweed Asparagopsis taxiformis


Asparagopsis taxiformis Wikipedia

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