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Moses (adopted)

Gershom, Eliezer


Great grandchild

Pharaoh (in Arabic pronounced "Fir'awn")

Moses, Jochebed, Bithiah, Amram, Zipporah

Asiya (Arabic: آسية), sometimes called Asiya bint Muzahim, is revered by Muslims as one of the greatest women of all time, the other three being Mary (mother of Jesus), Khadija (wife of Muhammad) and Fatimah (daughter of Muhammad). She is described in the Quran as the wife of the Pharaoh, who reigned during the time of Moses (Musa). She secretly accepted the message of one God after witnessing the miracle of Moses in her husband's court. The tradition holds that Asiya worshipped God in secret and prayed in disguise fearing her husband. She died while being tortured by her husband, who had discovered her monotheism and retaliated to her rebellion against his tyranny.


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Early Life

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Muslims believe that Asiya came from a rich family and that she was a very beautiful and generous woman. Her marriage to the Pharaoh was arranged. Unlike her husband, she was humble and accepted the faith that Moses and Aaron were preaching. Although she had exceeding wealth, she was not arrogant like the Pharaoh. She realized that faith was far more important and was thus exalted by God amongst the women of her generation.

Adoption of Moses

Asiya (RA) - Islamic Reminder

Asiya and her maids were at the neighbouring Nile river one day. To their amazement, they found a crate floating in the river. Asiya immediately ordered the crate to be brought out on shore. The maids thought there was a treasure in the crate, but instead found a baby boy, Moses. Asiya instantly felt motherly love towards him. She told the Pharaoh about the baby. The incident has been described in Holy Quran.

The Story of Lady Asiya, the Wife of Pharaoh — Science & Faith

And Pharaoh's wife said: A refreshment of the eye to me and to thee -- slay him not; maybe he will be useful to us, or we may take him for a son. And they perceived not.

-Quran: Sura Al-Qasas, verse 9

Asiya then offered Moses's mother to live in their household as his wet nurse and paid her for her services, unaware of their relationship.


When she witnessed the death of a believing woman under her husband's torture, she declare her faith before Pharaoh who tried to turn her away from the faith, but Asiya refused to reject the God and teaching of Moses. On the Pharaoh's order, she was tortured to death.


It is said that Asiya was a sincere believer and that she fully submitted herself to Allah, despite being the wife of Pharaoh. According to Hadith, she will be among the first women to enter Paradise because she accepted Moses's monotheism over Pharaoh's beliefs. The Qur'an mentions Asiya as an example to all Muslims

And God sets forth, as an example to those who believe the wife of Pharaoh: Behold she said: 'O my Lord! Build for me, in nearness to Thee, a mansion in the Garden, and save me from Pharaoh and his doings, and save me from those that do wrong'

-Qur'an, chapter 66 (At-Tahrim), verse 11

Abu Musa Ashaari narrated that once the Islamic prophet, Muhammad stated,

Many men reached perfection but none among the women reached perfection except Mary,the daughter of Imran, and Asiya, Pharoah's wife.

- Sahih al-Bukhari Hadith 7.329


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