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As One (musical duo)

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South Korea (1999)

K-pop, Rhythm and blues

Brand New Music

Record label
Brand New Music

Chae Da-hee, Lee Min

As One (musical duo) httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu

Outlast, Live, Carolling, One + One, Restoration

WANNAB, Verbal Jint, Year 7 Class 1, Phantom, Hanhae


As One (Hangul: 애즈원) is a South Korean R&B duo consisting of Korean-American singers Lee Min-young (known as Lee Min) and Chae Da-hee (known as Crystal). They are signed to record label Brand New Music.



Their first hit was the song "너만은 모르길" (Only You Wouldn't Know), released in 1999 by Rock Records. Between their fourth and fifth albums, their contract with Rock Records expired and they signed with EMI Music Publishing Korea; a label which also manages other K-pop stars like DJ DOC and Baby V.O.X..

In late 2006, As One released their fifth album 12 Tears of Farewell, and started their promotional activities with the lead track "십이야" (12 Nights).

They are currently under the management of Brand New Music and they host a radio show called K-Popular on TBS eFM radio.

In contrast to their usual style, As One released a 19+ rated music video ahead of their October 29, 2014 release date for the single "오늘같은 날" (For the Night). The music video featured labelmate Jae Woong from 4-member hip hop group Troy and fitness model Kim Hae Na.


Crystal (Chae Da-hee 채다희), is from Los Angeles, California, where she attended Chatsworth High School. On September 16, 2012, Crystal married her former manager, Cho Min Chul, after ten years of dating. Crystal announced her 5-month pregnancy on October 18, 2013, and in March 2014 her agency, Brand New Music confirmed that she gave birth to a son.

Min (Lee Min-young 이민영) was born in Seoul, South Korea but attended high school at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, California. On November 29, 2013, Min married her boyfriend of two years in Hawaii. Min composed and co-wrote the lyrics for the song titled "2=1" from As One's album Simply As One for her husband.


On June 20, 2016, As One made a comeback with a new single titled "The Pain I Caused." The song is off their sixth album Outlast which came out June 21, 2016. The album features ten tracks along with the lead single, "Don't Say Anything," which is set to be released June 21, 2016.

Extended plays

  1. [2000.06.28] ONE+ONE
  2. [2002.05.22] As One Live Album
  3. [2002.11.26] Caroling
  4. [2003.11.18] Forever AS ONE (BEST)
  5. [2007.03.13] 우리가 알고있는 (So Romantic)
  6. [2008.05.14] Double Star (Mini Album)
  7. [2010.04.29] The Happiness 4 Us 2nd
  8. [2013.10.15] Simply As One


  1. [1999.11.25] Ring My Bell
  2. [2000.05.01] 사랑+
  3. [2000.06.14] Day By Day
  4. [2006.12.14] I Wanna be a Christmas
  5. [2008.04.03] Sponge Remake 2008 As One
  6. [2008.09.01] Zza Zza La!! (Drama Version)
  7. [2010.06.16] As One Season 1
  8. [2010.09.08] History - As One 연애
  9. [2011.01.17] Taste of Love
  10. [2011.01.28] NEPA SONG(네파송)
  11. [2011.07.07] As One Season 2
  12. [2011.11.21] As One Season 2.5
  13. [2012.01.16] Only U
  14. [2012.05.28] Day by Day 2012
  15. [2013.05.08] 사랑이 어색해(Awkward Love)
  16. [2013.11.06] New Wave Studio Vol.3
  17. [2014.08.08] All Day All Night
  18. [2014.10.29] 오늘같은 날 (For the Night)
  19. [2015.11.13] 1분만이라도 (Even If Just 1 Minute)
  20. [2016.02.23] 비 개인 후 비 (After Rain) [ft. KittiB]


  • 어떡하죠 (What to Do?) with Eluphant, Masked Prosecutor OST, 2015
  • Brand New Day with Verbal Jint, San E, Phantom, P-Type, Taewan, and other label mates, Brand New Year Vol. 3, 2014
  • 천국의 눈물 (Here I Am), Tears of Heaven OST, 2014
  • 그저 눈물만 (Only Tears) with Sijin, 2014
  • 좋을거야 (It's Gonna Be Alright) with Miss S, The S, 2013
  • Promise Pokémon the Movie: Kyurem vs. the Sword of Justice OST, 2012
  • 가까이 가까이 (Closer Closer) with Verbal Jint, The Thousandth Man OST, 2012
  • 사랑도 돈이 되나요 (I'm Still In Love), Can Love Become Money OST, 2012
  • Xoxo, with Humming Urban Stereo, 2011
  • Lovin Ice Cream, with Ez-Life & (Haro), 2011
  • Flight 101, with Oneway, 2011
  • 그대도 나처럼, with Yurisangja, 2010
  • 그대 뒤에서 (Behind You), The Reputable Family OST, 2010
  • 홀로 크리스마스 (White Winter), with Lee Jun (of Solid), Alex, Navi, and Bizniz, 2009
  • 사랑할 수도 미워할 수도 (Neither Love Nor Hate), De La Musique Vol.1 - Part 1, 2009
  • Cool Running, with Soul Dive, 2009
  • 헤어져 (Breakup), Love Tonic OST, 2009
  • To Heart, Listen Campaign OST, 2008
  • 사랑은 너 하나뿐 (You Only Love), The Rival Project with GO and Shogun, 2008
  • 마지막 사랑 (Last Love), with E Sang, 2008
  • Smile, with JED, 2007
  • White Love Story, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince OST, 2007
  • 네잎클로버 (Four-leaf Clover), MBC Creative Children's 25th Anniversary, 2007
  • Happy My Star (Drama Version), Couple of Fantasy OST, 2006
  • 가시나무 (Bramble), The Wave - Blessing & Caroling, 2005
  • Oh Come All Ye Faithful, Groovy Christmas, 2005
  • 미안해야 하는거니 (Do I Have To Say Sorry), Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang OST, 2005
  • Sleigh Ride, 2004 Christmas Story, 2004
  • 원하고 원망하죠 (Want & Complain), Black Coffee 4, 2004
  • Loving You, Classic CF, 2004
  • 투명에 가까운 블루 (Transparent Blue), Classic CF, 2004
  • 하늘정원 (Garden of Heaven), Garden of Heaven OST, 2003
  • 스물다섯 (Precious You), with Kim Jin Pyo, 2003
  • Feel...Me, with Park Hyo Shin, 2002
  • 소중한 너 (Precious You), with Cho Kyuchan, 2002
  • Born Twice, with DVS, 2001
  • Gook Thuggin, with DVS, 2001
  • Songs

    Candy Ball2015
    You Are My Baby2011
    White Love Story2007


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