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Army Institute of Law

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Phone  0172 509 5336
Address  Sector 68, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160062

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Army Institute of Law (AIL) is a law school in India which is run by the Army Welfare Education Society (AWES).


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The prestigious law school is located in Mohali, Punjab. It was founded by former President of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The school has a moderately sized campus in Sector 68, Mohali. The hostels house 400 students. It was ranked as the eighth best law school in India by India Today.


AIL offers a 5-year integrated B.A LL.B. program. The school reserves 60 seats of the total 80 for wards of Army personnel and 20 are available for civilians. Sixteen civilian slots are for students from Punjab and four are for the All-India Civil Category. The college is approved by the Bar Council of India. Admission is based on the Army Institute of Law Entrance Test, except that civilian students from Punjab are selected on the basis of 10+2 marks.


AIL offers a one-year postgraduate L.L.M. program with options to specialize in Criminal Law or Family law. The prestigious course enrolls passionate students on the basis of a common entrance examination. The syllabus can be found here.


The law school has three internal publications. 1. AIL Journal - Army Institute of Law Journal is a Refereed Law Journal ISSN No 0975-8208 published annually by the Army Institute of Law. The Law Journal is dedicated to increasing the in-depth knowledge of the subject across disciplines with the cherished objective to enhance intellectual quotient with the cherished aim of expanding interdisciplinary knowledge and initiating dialogue and debate yielding fruitful results. The ultimate aim is to make it an intellectual treat for all its readers.

2. AILITE - Army Institute of Law’s Magazine is an annual cultural and scholarly rendition of Student’s creativity and academic excellence. As you flip the pages, the magazine takes you on a journey into the ingenious realm of AILians and acquaints you with their exuberance vis- a-vis the various activities, competitions and workshops that they have proudly represented the Institute at. Every student is a blissful recipient of THE AILITE at the end of every academic session. The contributions to the magazines are made by the students and AILians’ essays, be it articles or poems, adequately speak about their literary prowess and also their sensitivity to the burning issues of our times. There is no sphere of life that has remained untouched and that the AILians are not actively engaged in. From Moots, Debates and Declamations to Dance, Drama, Short- Skit, Street Play to Sports AIL students are making their presence felt everywhere and THE AILITE MAGAZINE is a soulful and chronological representation of all these events.

3. AIL Reporter - The AIL Reporter is a fortnightly newsletter covering all the events, opportunities and happenings in the Institute. Articles based on the cover story of the issue are invited from the students and publish in the reporter. A legal and a Campus poll are conducted and views of the students as well as the faculty members are incorporated with the results. Recent case laws, legal news and legal phrases are accounted for in the legal section. Leisure section encompasses crosswords, puzzles, movie/music/book reviews and food articles etc. American Essayist and Winner of Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Arthur Miller remarks, ‘A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself.’ Reading through the pages of the meticulously researched and presented AIL Reporter, one is struck by the shocking paradox of our growth as an Institute and the hub of legal education. The advent of the satellite television with over 300 channels available at the press of a button, cyberspace revolution and mushrooming multiplexes has changed the way Indians entertain themselves. The Newsletter is a refreshing change from the commonly available sources of knowledge and entertainment as it chronologically presents the achievements of the AILians, their soul stirring experiences and apt opinions on various issues. By evaluating the implications of news and especially legal news, the AIL Reporter endeavors to develop a sense of awareness and conscience among the future lawyers. A generation that ignores its history has no present and no future. As a newsletter, it tries to do its bit to prevent that by connecting the dots of the past to the matrix of the future with columns dedicated to important events in past and their resonance in present. World-renowned philanthropist Eli Broad observes, ‘There is no substitute for knowledge. It is impossible to read a paper without being exposed to ideas. And ideas... more than money... are the real currency for success’. Indeed, ideas are special as they have the great potential of inspiring people to aspire for their dreams and achieve them. The AIL Reporter, nonetheless, aims to instill the addiction for knowledge along with a sense of social awareness.


Army Institute of Law Mohali placed 35 out of 80 students who graduated in 2014 with the biggest chunk of the recruited class taking up corporate in-house roles, followed by Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) jobs. LPO Quislex was the lead recruiter of graduates from the batch. One law firm hired from campus. 42 graduates participated in campus recruitment activities. Two students secured law firm pre placement offers (PPO) via their independent initiative and six joined the Indian army. Seven graduates of the batch are pursuing careers in litigation at the Delhi high court and the Punjab and Haryana high court. Five graduates are pursuing their LLM.

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