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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Plumbaginaceae
Higher classification  Plumbaginaceae
Order  Caryophyllales
Scientific name  Armeria
Rank  Genus
Armeria megacentregroupecomwpcontentuploads201603ar
Lower classifications  Armeria maritima, Mediterranean sea lavender, Armeria juniperifolia, Armeria berlengensis, Armeria pseudoarmeria

Gardening edible plants how to grow thrift armeria

Armeria is a genus of flowering plants. These plants are sometimes known as "Lady's Cushion", "thrift", or "sea pink" (the latter because as they are often found on coastlines). The genus counts over a hundred species, mostly native to the Mediterranean, although Armeria maritima is an exception, being distributed along the coasts of the Northern Hemisphere, including Ireland, parts of the United Kingdom such as Cornwall, and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in Wales.


Some are popular with gardeners as rockery plants.

Some species and subspecies
  • Armeria alliacea
  • Armeria alpina
  • Armeria arenaria
  • Armeria berlengensis
  • Armeria caespitosa
  • Armeria cariensis
  • Armeria duriaei
  • Armeria gaditana
  • Armeria girardii
  • Armeria juniperifolia
  • Armeria leucocephala
  • Armeria maritima (sea thrift, sea cushion, sea pink)
  • A. maritima subsp. andina
  • A. maritima subsp. californica
  • A. maritima subsp. elongata
  • A. maritima subsp. maritima
  • A. maritima subsp. sibirica
  • Armeria nebrodensis
  • Armeria pinifolia
  • Armeria pseudarmeria
  • Armeria pubigera
  • Armeria pungens
  • Armeria rumelica
  • Armeria sardoa
  • Armeria splendens
  • Armeria undulata
  • Armeria villosa
  • Armeria villosa subsp. longearistata
  • Armeria villosa subsp. villosa
  • Armeria welwitschii

  • Armeria maritima plant moving on it s own

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