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Armando Alemdar

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Name  Armando Alemdar

Education  Kingston University
Armando Alemdar Graham Fine Art London Fine Art Gallery

Armando Alemdar Ara (Macedonian: Армандо Алемдар Ара) (born SR Macedonia, SFR Yugoslavia in 1972) is an artist and art historian of Turkish origin, living and working in London, United Kingdom.


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In 2000, Armando gained his diploma in Master of Art History from Kingston University, and in 2001 he co-founded with fellow artist Andre Durand, Neomodernism, a new philosophy of art and art movement. Armando's visual work reflects influences from his reading of Hermetic and Sufi writings, philosophy and theology.

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Armando Alemdar Ara lives and works in London, UK. His work is represented by GX Gallery, London, Grahams Fine Art, London, Cheyenne Fine Art, London, and the National Centre of Culture, Macedonia. Armando Alemdar is an art teacher at Alperton Community School in Wembley, Alperton.

His paintings reveal deeply spiritual aspects of life and existence. Working in the Renaissance tradition of painting with glazes, Armando incorporates myriad transparent layers of paint that both veil and reveal the essence of human form, distiling and abstracting each of his colourful images, and thus depicting a mystical imagery of inner movement.


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