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Ark 2

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Released  October 1969
Artist  Flaming Youth
Label  Fontana Records
Length  43:32
Release date  October 1969
Genre  Rock music
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Recorded  De Lane Lea Music, London
Producer  Ken Howard & Alan Blaikley
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Flaming youth ark 2 1969 full album

Ark 2 is the first and only album released by the British rock band Flaming Youth. It was a concept album released in October 1969, the album featured the theme of an evacuation from a dying Earth. The lead single from the album was "From Now On". The album and its space theme were influenced by the media's attention to the moon landing. The songs were composed by Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley, writers of such commercial hits as Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich's "Zabadak!" and "The Legend of Xanadu." The original Fontana pressing gave no composer label credit to Howard and Blaikley (possibly to distance the album's music from their pop music credentials), but the US pressing bore their names.


Shortly after the release of Ark 2, the band went into the Dutch TV Station TROS studio and recorded a short 5-song set to promote the album, which was filmed and later broadcast on May 14, 1970 on the TROS TV station. The five songs that were performed are: Earthglow, Weightless, Changes, Space Child, and From Now On (Immortal Invisible). It is the only known footage of Flaming Youth that exists. Both the music and vocals were mimed.

Although the album today remains difficult to obtain, it has been reprinted in various markets mainly for the novelty of Phil Collins' first major label recording. Collins was the group's drummer, and Ark 2 was Collins' last recording before auditioning for Genesis the following year.

Flaming youth changes

Critical reception

The album received some critical praise in the music press. Melody Maker listed the album as "Pop Album of the Month", calling it "adult music beautifully played with nice tight harmonies". Disc and Music Echo said "there is some splendid music on this very good first album". The rock press of the time was even more favorable and it was awarded Sunday Times Rock Album of the Year in 1969.

Despite this, the album and single were not commercially successful. The BBC did not know what to make of it: there were no radio or TV slots for an extended rock work at the time. So it remained largely unheard except by those who sought it out. Ark 2 was the only album released by Flaming Youth.


  1. "Guide Me Orion" - 3:18
  2. Lead vocals: (Flash) Gordon Smith
  3. "Earthglow" - 2:54
  4. Lead vocals: Brian Chatton & (Flash) Gordon Smith
  5. "Weightless" - 2:38
  6. Instrumental
  7. "The Planets" - 12:49
  8. 1. "Mars - Bringer of War"
  9. Lead vocals: Flaming Youth
  10. 2. "Venus - Bringer of Peace"
  11. Lead vocals: Brian Chatton
  12. 3. "Mercury - The Winged Messenger"
  13. Lead vocals: Flaming Youth
  14. 4. "Jupiter - Bringer of Jollity"
  15. Lead vocals: Phil Collins
  16. 5. "Saturn - Bringer of Old Age"
  17. Lead vocals: Phil Collins
  18. 6. "Uranus - The Magician"
  19. Lead vocals: Brian Chatton
  20. 7. "Neptune - The Mystic"
  21. Lead vocals: Ronnie Caryl
  22. "Changes" - 5:47
  23. Lead vocals: Phil Collins & (Flash) Gordon Smith
  24. "Pulsar" - 3:07
  25. Lead vocals: Brian Chatton & (Flash) Gordon Smith
  26. "Space Child" - 5:11
  27. Lead vocals: Phil Collins
  28. "In the Light of Love" - 3:27
  29. Lead vocals: Flaming Youth
  30. "From Now On (Immortal Invisible)" - 4:21
  31. Lead vocals: Brian Chatton


1Guide Me - Orion3:19


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