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Ariphron (/ˈærfrɒn/; Gr. Ἀρίφρων) was the name of several people from ancient Greek history:

  • Ariphron, the father of Xanthippus, and grandfather of Pericles, both prominent Athenian statesmen. He was a member of the Alcmaeonid family.
  • Ariphron, the brother of Pericles.
  • Ariphron of Sicyon, a Greek poet, and the author of a beautiful paean to health (Ἡγίεια), which has been preserved by Athenaeus. The beginning of the poem is quoted by Lucian and Maximus of Tyre. It is also printed in Bergk's Poetae Lyrici Graeci.
  • Ariphron, an Archon of Athens, reigning in the 9th century BC.
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