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Arch Nemesis

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Released  February 22, 2005
Length  69:32
Recorded  1994-2005
Label  ZNO Records
Genre  East Coast hip hop, gangsta rap
Producer  Beat Brokers, Benzino (exec.), David Mays (exec.), Diego Morales, Huddy 6 (exec.), M. Brown, Reefa, Scott Storch, Street Runners, Torahn "Mystro" Bell, Vincent Herbert, L.E.S.

Arch Nemesis is the third solo album by Boston, Massachusetts rapper Benzino, released February 22, 2005 on ZNO Records.



Arch Nemesis was released during the aftermath of Benzino's feud with rapper Eminem. It was released independently on ZNO Records. The first single was the Scott Storch produced “Bottles & Up”. Followed by the single “Look into My Eyes” which is famous for its music video which responds to Eminem’s video “Like Toy Soldiers”. Other singles include “Wide Body”. This album brought us the long lost Tupac verse on “Trying To Make It Through”. It was taken from a song Benzino and Tupac together recorded with Freddie Foxxx previously in 1994 before Tupac’s untimely death. The original version of the song was "Don't Fuck Wit A Killa", and was supposed to appear on Freddie Foxxx's album, which eventually got shelved. Over a decade later it was remixed and released on Arch Nemesis. The song caused more rumors about Tupac being alive.. The song "Noche de Estrellas" uses the same beat from "Hoola Hoop" from Redemption. Production on this album is by Scott Storch, Reefa (Fambase), L.E.S., Street Runners, D Moel, Beat Brokers and Hangmen 3. Guest Appearance by The Untouchables, 2Pac, Scarface, Lil Jon, Freddie Foxxx, Daney Foxxwoodz and Yaga & Mackie. The album also features "Last Days Calling", a Heavy Metal song. It sold 10,000 copies on its first week on shelves.

Chart history

Arch Nemesis peaked at #12 on the Top Independent Albums chart, and #39 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. On the Billboard 200 chart, the album reached #117.

Track listing

  1. "Intro"
  2. "It's Nuthin'"
  3. "On My Mind" (featuring Untouchables)
  4. "Bottles & Up (Thug da Club)"
  5. "U Can't Handle It"
  6. "Numb (Skit)"
  7. "Look into My Eyes" (featuring Troy Bell)
  8. "News Flash (Skit)"
  9. "Arch Nemesis (Wish a N***a Would) (featuring Ba Dase)"
  10. "What's Really Good" (featuring Scarface & Young Hardy)
  11. "Wide Body" (featuring Faheim)
  12. "Dat's How It Goes" (featuring Lil Jon, Young Hardy & Gambino)
  13. "2Pac (Skit)"
  14. "Trying to Make It Through" (featuring 2Pac & Freddie Foxxx)
  15. "Ride (Skit)"
  16. "Front Back (Side to Side)" (featuring Huddy 6 & Young L.O.)
  17. "Sorry (Skit)"
  18. "Not Me" (featuring Miss Lilli)
  19. "Noche de Estrellas" (featuring Yaga & Mackie)
  20. "Diamond Girl"
  21. "JB Floatin' (Skit)"
  22. "World Famous" (featuring 3 Down)
  23. "Killa" (featuring Untouchables)
  24. "Last Days Calling" (*)


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