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Anubhava (film)

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Director  Kashinath
Music director  L. Vaidyanathan
Language  Kannada
6.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy
Screenplay  Kashinath
Country  India
Anubhava (film) Anubhava Photos Anubhava Images Anubhava Movie Stills Anubhava
Release date  1984 (1984)
Initial release  November 29, 2013 (Karnataka)
Cast  Kashinath (Ramesh), Umashree (Padmi), Abhinaya (Gauri)

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Anubhava (Kannada: ಅನುಭವ) is a 1984 Indian Kannada-language adult drama starring Kashinath and Abhinaya in the lead roles. Actresses Abhinaya and Umashree made their debut with this film. The film is directed, co-produced and written by Kashinath and produced under Sri Gayatri Productions banner. The film, upon release, met with positive reviews and declared a blockbuster with a cult status.It was also remade into Hindi language Anubhav (1986) starring Shekhar Suman and in Malayalam as Aadhyate Anubhavam, both directed by Kashinath himself.


Anubhava (film) Three Decades old Anubhava

The film was re-released on 29 November 2013 to cater to the modern audience making it a third time release.

Anubhava (film) Anubhava Tamil Full Movie HD Kashinath Umashree L Vaidhyanath


Anubhava (film) Hosa Anubhava next week producer story Kannada Movie News
  •  Kashinath as Ramesh
  • Abhinaya as Gauri
  • Umashree as Padmi
  • Master Vasantha
  • Aravind
  • Dinesh
  • Kaminidharan
  • Shivaraj
  • Shivakumar
  • Plot

    Anubhava (film) TAPPU MADIDA ANUBHAVAFull Movie2016English Subtitles YouTube

    The movie starts with Ramesh doing his routine job in Bangalore City. In his native city, his aunt lives with her children Gauri and Gunda. When Gauri attains puberty, her mother thinks of getting her married to Ramesh and writes a letter communicating the same though the village Sheregar. On hearing this, Ramesh starts daydreaming about his cousin and soon to be wife Gauri. He also tries to educate himself by trying to buy some adult books. Gauri however is still very immature and continues her playful acts like a little village belle. Ramesh travels to the village to prepare for the marriage and tries to woe Gauri without much success. He is however eyed by another village lady Padhi who dreams of using Ramesh as her ticket to the city. After the marriage, Ramesh is not able to consummate as Gauri runs away from him. This frustrates Ramesh and he walks out into the arms of waiting Padhi. They begin a lustrous affair and Ramesh ignores his wife completely. He even goes back to the city with Padhi without the knowledge of his family promising his wife to get her as soon as he finds a suitable home. Once back in the city, they start living as husband and wife. However, Padhi loses interest in Ramesh and eyes the men around. She falls into a trap by a man who is into prostitution selling women to far Mumbai. When Ramesh finds out about Padhi's treachery he is angry but feels helpless. He gets worried about his future when police start making enquiry about Padhi and the man with whom she was seen. Back in the village his aunt along with his wife travel to Bangalore when they find that their letters were unanswered. They cannot track him in spite of visiting his work place as he has resigned. Dejected they travel back to their village. When they enter home, they find that Ramesh is back in their home to make a new beginning. Ramesh apologizes to his wife and they embrace each other in love.


    Anubhava (film) Hodeya Doora Anubhava Kannada YouTube

    The film was released in 1984 and later re-released on 29 November 2013 across Karnataka state cinema halls. The film met with positive response at the box-office.


    All the songs are composed and scored by L. Vaidyanathan.


    Karnataka State Film Awards

  • Best Actress - Abhinaya
  • Best Supporting Actor - Aravind
  • Best Supporting Actress - Kaminidharan
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