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Antiochus XIII Asiaticus

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Name  Antiochus Asiaticus
Died  64 BC

Cousins  Ptolemy XII Auletes
Aunts  Cleopatra IV of Egypt
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Parents  Cleopatra Selene I, Antiochus X Eusebes
Grandparents  Antiochus IX Cyzicenus, Ptolemy VIII Physcon, Cleopatra III of Egypt
Similar People  Antiochus XI Epiphanes, Demetrius III Eucaerus, Cleopatra Thea, Cleopatra Selene I, Ptolemy XII Auletes

Antiochus xiii asiaticus top 6 facts

Antiochus XIII Philadelphus, known as Asiaticus was one of the last rulers of the Seleucid kingdom.


Antiochus XIII Asiaticus Antiochus XIII Asiaticus Wikipedia


He was son of king Antiochus X Eusebes and the Ptolemaic princess Cleopatra Selene I, who acted as regent for the boy Antiochus X Eusebes after his father's death sometime between 92 and 85 BC. Some time after Tigranes had conquered Syria (83 BC), she traveled to Rome to have her sons recognized as kings of Egypt, but to no avail. They were there between at least between 75 BC and 73 BC; recognized as "Kings of Syria", and "maintained a royal state". Selene was eventually captured and killed by Tigranes. However, after the latter's defeat by Lucius Licinius Lucullus at the Battle of Tigranocerta, the residents of Antioch hailed Antiochus XIII as king, and Lucullus approved his appointment as client ruler of Syria (69 BC).

In 64 BC, Pompey had him deposed and killed by a Syrian chieftain, Sampsiceramus I. Antiochus' death is traditionally said to have ended the Seleucid dynasty, but he was survived by Philip II Philoromaeus for a short time.


Antiochus XIII Asiaticus Wikipedia